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Today Google has published Android Studio 3.2, with a number of useful new developer capabilities, among them a new application pop..... HQ Sublime - the people behind the superb text editing tool Sublime Text - has published a developer editors' guide focusing on a neat user experience for encoding and resolving guitar merges. Sublime HQ is a new version of Sublime Text.

It' Sublime Merge and is available for free under Linux, Windows and even on MacOS. The sublime merge involves.... And our populations are ageing into what we call the " DDoTs." To take over Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, Samsung will allow creators to create Bixby applications, their own voice-activated app, and to create their own....

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Huawei presented the industry's first 5G power complete solutions for worldwide carriers during the ICT Summit, delivering the best power solutions for grid development. Technological change has changed the way we deliver and produce bulk medias. The AI will drive the changes and not only change the sector, but also what the words "media" and "entertainment" mean.

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Join "Form Design Patterns", our new barrier-free webform guide - now available! That' s why we have released Shape Design Patterns, a new print product on available and well-designed websheets. We are pleased to present Adam Silvers new product Shape Design Patterns. Adam looks at the basic quality of a well-designed shape and how to think about it in this extract from the work.

PWA, Vue.js, Webpack to Workflow de conception, DesignOps et variables Schriften. "``A system of designs is a means of authorization, not a means of controlling design.```" At Matt Bond we share the most important findings from the development of the Atlassian System. Meeting Designs Systems, a recent Alla Kholmatova publication, examines how to establish an efficient designsystem to produce great looking digitally produced work.

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