Website Development using Wordpress

Web site development with Wordpress

Development of WordPress themes with Bootstrap. Now is the time for you to take control and start developing your website. WordPress is an overkill for super-simple websites. The most common ports are found in local development environments.

Wordpress web development and design

Today, in a digital networked environment, an appealing, unmistakable website is a must for performers, musician, designer and creative. The course provides an introductory course on designing and developing websites for performers and provides the necessary skills to establish and sustain a truly personal image on the Internet. This course will teach you how to set up a customized website for your art website and your art collection and how to use your own website's CMS to help you evolve and administer your website.

Learn basic website design and organization so you can build a website that is both eye-catching and appealing. Throughout the week, you'll be developing an up-to-date, real-time Web site from basic HTML to a full-featured site with gallery, analysis, social networking, and other enhanced functionality.

Does the creation of Web sites with WordPress count as Web development?

This is a hard word from a WordPress Core employee and WordPress agent who has been coding since 1999. First, one cannot say: "Create web pages from the ground up with WordPress". With WordPress, the fact that you can create a website in just a few moments is far from being the case, beginning with an empty file, launching the IDE and generating a data base scheme for a few days or even a few month, all the way to setting up a complete CMS that deals with managing users, a templates tree, a plug-in system and whatever.

In this sense, you can call yourself a web designer while working with WordPress if you use WordPress as your Web development tool and concentrate on developing expandable workstations. Wikipedia says "software development" is the term used to describe the development of software: Development of softwares is the computer coding, documentation, verification and troubleshooting activity that takes place during the creation and maintenance of softwares releases and leading to the creation of softwares.

It is a concept that describes a creation and maintenance operation of the sourcecode, but in a wider context it covers everything from the design of the required piece of sofware to the ultimate demonstration of the sofware, preferably in a scheduled and organized proces. I' ve spend years predicting this in the WordPress eco-system after some developing business applications with Java, Python and PHP.

As we were a complete conversion to WordPress as a technology consultancy, we had to study over 300,000 rows of codes full-time for over a year, which were then delivered with the kernel plattform. To do this, we had to research and deploy test apps for each individual application programming interface (API), migrate multiple large-scale deployments to WordPress, and create over 50 plug-ins that interact with the lifecycle and other third-party apps.

We had a few development jobs where our development staff had spend over 5,000 hrs developing web on WordPress for each of them. Of course, we did save a lot of work with WordPress, but a whole engineering crew wrote PHP and JavaScript full time-in the course of a year.

CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter (or any other PHP frameworks we've previously worked with), or even Django in Python or JSF/GWT in Java could have been used. Several of our WordPress apps have been designed for car and airplane manufacturers, some banking institutions, several journals with over 10 million page impressions per months, software as a service companies, education institutions and so on.

It was a strategically important decision and we are using it as a basis to base ourselves on it. When WordPress disappears from the face of the earth, we just change to another frame to conserve some of our precious resources without sacrificing any of the original features. To become a "real web developer", you should first study computer programming and development.

Then you need to rebuild a few apps from the ground up to get an understanding of how everything works behind the scene. Experienced users can choose the right tools and use them as a starting point for their web application. And if WordPress is the only web development tools you can use, you'd be quite unemployed, if you can't use it for web development, you'd probably have to take a back seat and study it.

As most web development on WordPress is done through plug-in development and third party integration, I divided our recruitment processes when questioning plug-in developers: How can I test a development that says it knows how to develop WordPress plugins?

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