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North Carolina State

North Carolina is an extraordinary place to life and do things because of its beautiful scenery, temperate weather, a cultural heritage steeped in art and historical heritage, and first-class sporting and leisure facilities. Couple this with high standard healthcare, top level colleges, low costs of living and it' s simple to understand why most folks who come here never want to go.

YES website of the YES prog band

Chris Squire's Out Of Water is also a nominee for the New Year's edition and London's Yes Fans' celebration of the city' fiftieth Congress for Best of The Year. As the #YES50: 50 Years of YES celebration ended on July 28 with two sold-out Florida games and a sold-out show in Atlanta, the progressive Rock veterans would like to thank everyone for making this year's 35 year long US celebration of the #YES50: 50 Years of YES a huge hit and getting wide acclaim from reviewers and supporters alike.

Find the history behind the greatest tour book of all time, featuring five session books that have contributed to the band's recent inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. On June 29, THE STEVEN WILSON REMIXES will be available as a five-piece kit. Fragile (1971), The Yes Gallery (1971), Fragile (1971), Close To The Edge (1972), das Doppelalbum Oceans 1973 et Relaiser 1974 (1972), Les histoires de la topographie des océans (1973).

Every CD contains Steven Wilson's mixed sound, which was first published on vinyls. Included in the case is a special design for the Roger Dean kit, whose work and brand calibration are identical to the band's identities; two of the records, Closely To The Edge and Tales From Topographic Oceans, have a new kind of coverage, while the rest of the three are Dean'led.

Recorded in this album, the musicians confirm the band's reputation as the most durable, aspiring and virtuoso progressiv act in rock genre time. From February 1971, with JA's third recording session, The Yes Album, the group consisted of singer Jon Anderson, bass player Chris Squire, guitars Steve Howe, keyboarder Tony Kaye and drumist Bill Bruford.

One year later, Alan White made his YES début on Oceans from Town. Hear YES, how YES from the topographical play "Live Across America" plays the "Carousel" at Planet Rock. On each show the group played their 1980 full length albums "Drama" in their totality - for the first ever - plus pages one and four of YES' 1973 twin albums "Tales From Topographic Oceans " (their first ever record number one), along with fans' favorites such as "Roundabout" and "Starship Trooper".

Rino welcomes the powerful progressives rocker, who were accepted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the beginning of the year, with the new band's TOPOGRAPHIC DRAMA on stage - ACROSS AMERICA. Featuring 12 gigs performed on 12 days during the February 2017 tours by the latest Yes line-up, the new line-up will be a true highlight of the tour:

Topographical Rama - live Cross America will highlight the best achievements of the 2017 stage of the 12-show route and reflect the star schedule of these shows. Every evening Yes opened with all six tracks from the 1980's release of Drama, the band's 10th session record, culminating in number 2 on the UK Chart this year.

Following "Drama", the group changed gear on two of their best-selling albums: "And You And I" from 1972's "Close To The Edge" (UK Platinum) and "Heart Of The Sunrise" from 1971's "Fragile" (UK Platinum). The group then performed the opening and concluding traces of their conceptual debut release "Tales From Topographic Oceans" (1973).

At the end of the record there are two clips: Roundabout' by 'Fragile' (1971) and 'Starship Trooper' by 'The Yes Album' (1971). YES was formed in 1968 as one of the most powerful, groundbreaking and prestigious progressives rocks groups in the globe. F: How do Topographic's new lives differ from the original? F: How do the new drama shows differ from the original one?

F: What are your outstanding memories on this new record? F: Anything else we can look forward to when you start playing there? Cherry Red Records and esoteric Recordings are proud to announce the launch of an officially released restricted luxury box for Yes founders CHRIS SQUIRE's 1975 debut lead vocal record entitled The Out of Water on April 27, 2018.

Recording in spring and summer 1975, while Yes was in the break when the members were recording their individual solos, Yes OUT OF WATER was a breathtaking work, equivalent in invention and creativeness to any Yes record. Record session was a collaborative effort between Chris Squire and his boyfriend Andrew Pryce Jackman, a talented arrangeur who was a member of The Syn, Squire's Pre-Yes group.

Published in November 1975, and a top 30 UK charts Hit, WATER's OUT reached the US Billboard Top 75 charts and sold nearly 500,000 units around the world. Also included included are four bonustracks from the Lucky Seven and Silently Falling singles as well as both sides of the 1981 CHRIS SQUIRE and ALAN WHITE singles, Run With the Fox and Return of the Fox (first CD release).

Also included is a 180-gram gate fold album with posters of Abbey Road Studios' Abbey OUT OF WATER (mastered and edited from the Abbey Road Studios' originals ), as well as two seven-inch Lucky Seven b/w "Silently Falling" and "Run With the Fox" b/w "Return of the Fox" single, both in covers.

In order to complement the contents, there is a NTSC / Region Free video disc with the 1975 released movie Call Out Your Hands and You By My Side as well as a 2006 video clip with Chris Squire under the direction of Jon Kirkman and a 2006 video clip with Chris Squire.

Proud of his first ever single record and rightly so, Chris Squire's long-held wish was that one day a 5th 1 surround mixing of the work would be recorded. Esoteric Records makes this a success at last and is an appropriate homage to the art of Chris and his co-worker on the recording, Andrew Pryce Jackman.

In addition to this luxury version, there will also be a new 2-CD version of WATER's OUT OF WATER, containing the new hi-fi mixture, the new remastered genuine hi-fi mixture and four bonustracks. PAREORDER Downes Braide Association's neues Album'Skyscraper Souls' mit Cover Art von Roger Dean. Icon by John Wetton & Geoff Downes - Urban Psalm Live is NOW OUT! on Amazon in 2CD/1DVD format and on Apple's ITunes.

Alan White on Yes, the Rock Hall, Chris Squire. Consumption for the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony is peaking - Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony 2017 at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York is sold out within an hours time.

JA to be included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Class of 2017 - The 1991 YES'UNION' tour line-up - Chris Squire, Jon Anderson, Bill Bruford, Tony Kaye, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman, Alan White & Trevor Rabin - will be introduced on April 7, 2017 in a ceremonial at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York.

Cruise To The Edge in February sees YES sailing with an all-star line-up of progressives from rock-icon. An interview with Geoff Downes from the German Prog-Rockgroup. - Yes, Alan White speaks drums in Rock Halll, Yestival and this times he played John Lennon. Engineers of progressivesock, JA. See the 2018 2010 Student Music Awards live: ....

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