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It is the purpose of this template to provide a standard format for marking links to the official website of the main topic of an article. <font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents

It is the aim of this template to create a standardised form for labelling references to the formal website of the major subject of an item. You can use this template without specifying any parameter if the attribute "official website" (P856) is configured in the Wikidata entry of the corresponding articles. Simply append {{official website}} to the section entitled Extern Link of the item.

When Wikidata specifies more than one formal website, the tag English as your default locale is used. There are four available parameters: Omitting this option will use the value of the "official website" attribute (P856) on Wikidata. However, if this option is specified but the "official website" (P856) attribute has not been selected on Wikidata, the category:official website page will not be added to Wikidata.

Failure to specify this option and no Wikidata website is available will cause the page to be added to Category:Official website missing url. Use 2= or name= to resize the caption if "Official Website" is not appropriate. Specifically, the name of the topic of the item should not be included as the readers reasonably expect all outside hyperlinks to refer to the topic. mobile= is optional if there is another "official website" for use with mobile web equipment. format=flash is optional if the website needs Adobe'' Flash Player application.

Use on any page without prior permission in the Wikidata feature Website (P856): {{Official Website}}}}} Enter a given username or password here or simply post it to Wikidata. It is the aim of this template to establish a standardised form for labelling references to formal web sites. This is the name of the web page to which the template should refer.

It is necessary to do this unless the address is available in Wikidata. If there is another website that could reasonably be considered an offical website and is different from this one, this setting may be used. When the website needs to display the Adobe® Flash® Player program, change this value to "Flash". One of the following category can be added to items that use this template (via the module: Website Official):

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