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What is a free, invisible web tracker? creat a un site web free in solid 5 minutes Create efficient websites that work on any device. Everything you need to promote your business in search engines and softwares. We take care of all complex technical aspects such as domain registration and web hostings. Attracts more customers by offering content in multiple languages.

Our customer service is at your disposal to find solutions that will bring you closer to your goals.

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Create great mobile sites! Programming is free of charge. ls it suitable for me? It is also ideal for programmers who want to quickly create prototypes or carry out small projects for customers. Start by creating a new website and selecting a theme. Publish your website wherever you want, on your local hard drive, on your FTP or Github servers.

It is free for both personal and commercial use. For this reason, it is important to have a simple utility that creates websites that look good on all devices. These blocks are created in advance, but are flexible. You don't have to create a separate mobile version of your website.

Save development time with a drag-and-drop website builder. The blocks are designed according to the latest web design trend. They can be used flexibly and adapted in many ways. One of Google's loves (officially) mobile sites! Even if you're not at home with coding, you can now become part of a great boatstrap crowd.

Choose from the list of the most popular Google fonts and retina-enabled free images to create a unique look & feel with a touch of typographic sophistication. Watching videos can be a great addition to your website. "what a subtle way to say "Hallelujah!" because you can create web pages that would require programming without actually programming.

Free? "Drag and drop blocks and create a website in minutes! Start designing your beautiful web sites today! I' m amazed and just wanted to congratulate you on this great game. Probably some web developers will curse you.... because the power here really lies with the user!

"I have no words for it... it's just great. I am a professional web designer and have been using horrible web design tools for years, because all good things have been destroyed by Macromedia, which reminds me of the good old days... I can create web pages in a few minutes.

"Masturbating! I just have to... *Reactive Site Builder (preferably Bootstrap) * Who can publish a website where I want it..... but I think you knew that ;-) You can count on me if you need a tester. You have me at a good time; I am just redesigning my homepage to make it better for the mobile phone.

At first I used skeleton-based templates because they would be lighter than bootstrap, but I find them less functional. The Daarom probe is a bootstrap for use. I' m curious to see what you can do with this new work. It is a great, clear, easy to use and simple design program.

"I think the world of web development is getting easier, but it's also harder to find work for people like me. Personally, I'd rather have a website that's completely new than a draft. It' s very nice because it also has a drag-and-drop user surface that can create a pretty good-looking, original website, including a mobile design.

"I am very happy that you put this on the market - it is not only a good idea, it is also well done. I will use this to create a basic website for a customer, and I will let you know if I find errors or have suggestions.

I am sure that you will reach the top of the market if you add more functionality without losing intuition! What makes these kinds of products so great is that they are so easy to use. "We needed a simple toolset to create a website. Quickly and easily we had to create an attractive website, all without the use of a "developer".

These tools are the Holy Grail, a flying unicorn... the Loch Ness beast... extraordinary and amazing, and something no one has ever seen before. I tried to create simple but effective web pages and everything went well. I even started our new company and several product-oriented web sites!

Excellent free website builder - tested within an hour and I was done right away. It is a great alternative for designer who have little time and want to produce something for small customers. "I wanted to let you know how well I liked your products - after coding web sites since 1999.

I can create a premium landing page or simple setup in minutes. It is very likely that the products will be used with this one :) But the range of reactive web designs has bothered me lately, although I can and can create devoted mobile pages. But it' much more work, although I like devoted pages more because responsive pages often look boring and all are the same.

But I know that a fast reacting option is great to be able to offer customers when I want to. I love the ease with which you can create sites with this great tool in minutes. The intuitive drag-and-drop process is great, as is the mobile-first approach. I love this one but it doesn't seem suitable for business sites because of its simple design.

In general, I would like to commend your work. It is a very versatile item. I will keep an eye on it, because your products have great potential. "It' s a great potential and it' s exactly what I was looking for. I have searched for all the on-line builder and they usually have a monthly subscription, or they are difficult to use and take too much time.

"Please let us know that we perform tests on sites created with your own website using your own testing tools. We' re testing it with our best top players and you're doing very well. There are many web development programs that are more about designing than about delivering. We are more interested in achievement than in designing.

"They have a great product formula that is attractive to entrepreneurs who want to create their own sites without coding. Adding more ready-made blocks for drag-and-drop to web pages will help you grow. Completely free of charge.

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