Website homepage Design

Design of the homepage of the website

Consider your homepage as analogous to the curb of a house. Therefore it is particularly important to develop a great design for your website, with the emphasis on the homepage. Here are some nice samples of homepage design to help you get inspired.

If you want to launch a website, but a big barrier remains in your way: What should the homepage look like? It' s like looking at an empty page without any idea what might be appropriate for the homepage of your next website. When you are in this position or at some point during the creation of your homepage design you ran out of inspirations, read on.

Exactly what is to be included in a homepage? You will see the television in the top part of the headline, directly after the icon and the menus. It was developed for advertising purpose and is meant to awaken interest or interest in something that a business wants to do. You can see that the colours are well incorporated into the overall colouring of the design and slightly more accented.

Let's take a look at two samples of homepage headers: By extracting the most important elements that give significance to this heading, we could keep "exploits" and these thumbnails around the subject depicted in the photograph. It seems that this headline from invites you to go far beyond just conventional bodybuilding.

Heading should summarize the whole homepage concept. Header ( or heading ) should be kept easy and without undue fuzz so that it does not distract the user's focus from the main messages. With WorldNomads. com you have a very brief news item that will be remembered throughout your trip on the website.

Perhaps not so evident to a less seasoned observer, the design of your homepage is a very important part of the overall design. A website in the games area, for example, could have a more fun homepage design, while a website in the consultancy area could have a more impartial one.

Mattfarley. ca uses a very clear lay-out and well-organized paragraphs that attract your eye through a perfectly balanced color scheme. Imagine the overlapping parts in the upper part of the homepage inviting more readings and opening a "discussion" with the user. Unlike the homepage, me uses titles, heroes and text in a fairly homogeneous way.

Picture and text representation mix, as the picture preserves and accentuates the text, while the text is zoomed into a evocative, calming heroic notion. At the heart of the homepage is the idea of a perfect mix of a picture and a few text words. Font types used for the text on the homepage can influence or prevent the key message's outcomes.

Nothing is too fat, nothing too traditionally when it comes to choosing the typeface for the homepage text. This Doamaral. com homepage headers takes the readers through some 5+ text typefaces, each carrying the beauties of a new beginning. All of them promise a wealth of opportunities for web design, which is subject to the laws of aestheticism and persuasiveness.

Onlyturedigital. com uses abril-fatface for the track, which sets it apart from the remainder of the text typed in active-grotesk. The scriptures seem to be at the disposal of the design of the first character of the Logos, the No, which is weighed and computed in every detail. In contrast to most sites, nl placed the emblem of the protagonist on the homepage.

Thus the placing of the logos is "shifted" until the design hits the ground of the protagonist. Entitled, sets the slogan. has only superficial contents and information. They know exactly how to press every single dot on this homepage. This homepage consists of several controllers, each with its own song and its own strong slogan. has a CTA that is information-driven, in the upper part of the homepage. Commercial CTA is the one on the homepage of Retains the classic CTA design that the reader needs to grasp the full significance. A homepage can cause different emotions among visitors:

Here is the entire homepage. The simplified design, with only oversized components, encourages further explorations and awakens interest in the website information. The example of this homepage is one that awakens readers' interest, provided that the user is represented in one of the 4 above listed category.

Aaaoverheaddoor. com's homepage is full of proof of its professionality. It creates confidence in the reader and encourages them to find out more by looking more closely at the websites. has a professionally designed greeting system, backed up by the immediate vicinity of a telephone number. It concentrates its homepage on the presentation of human beings and human faces.

A second important thing on the homepage of the website is the keyword field where you can tell SimpsonThacher how they can help you. Warrenaverett. com gives every element on your homepage its meaning. provides some information directly via the homepage slide control and makes you want even more information.

Directly below the headline there are two chapters with "News" and "Views". The first step to a successfull homepage is a design strategie. Delivering a targeted messaging to your audience is based on a well thought-out approach. So don't waste your precious amount of your precious spare tire when you think about your homepage design. The following rows contain comments on some of the best practices in homepage design.

This section aims to make you understand how consistency, strategic approaches and purposefulness can produce a successful web site.'s homepage displays colorful excerpts from a photograph that seems to show parts of a real thing at its best. Headers show who they are, how they are ("We are creative") and what this is for ("See how we are rocking your web design with our web design features").'s homepage shows this creative spirit right from the beginning. The symbolic touch makes the homepage scanable and easily understandable. And in fact, the icons packaged together, completing the news begun in the header: Who is Our homepage "knows" how to respond to this recurrent user query, and it does so courageously.

Somehow the design of the header is demanding without being overwhelmed with superfluous items. This overall concept conveys the idea of a culture journal devoted to the various activities. Moreover, the incidents described directly on the homepage leave little or no room for flight. Plex. tv's homepage is neat and yet filled with full information.

Right from the start and directly from the headline, the user gets a number of detailed information about what they can do with Plex. tv' packets. On the other hand, the headers seem to open a debate with those who need more information to convince themselves. Fast Link is added to the headline and refers to certain pages for certain fields of interest.

Below on the page Plex. tv skips to answer the most important questions that the reader may have: About plexus? Professionals meticulously explain the reason why Plex. tv is the best option and do it in a classy and convincing way. Plex. tv distributes some inspiring calls-to-action on the homepage and benefits from the closeness of reasoning as to why Plex. tv is the best one.

One of the features of this area is its amber colour, which now fits into the overall design very well. Last, but not least, at the end of the homepage you will find the latest Plex. tv blogs for those who want to get to know Plex better. is supported by the two paragraphs behind the headline, which read: "Our are different products" and this message is supported by "Trusted all around the world". Finally, the user should be convinced that a CTA will be added to the homepage. On the homepage, the quality of Matcha teas, the range of Matcha teas available for purchase on, is presented.

Visual the homepage begins with simplified pictures and begins to fill with more and more items and you scrolling the page down. On the homepage 3 different sets of CATAs are present which maintain the subtle attraction of an extravagant event. We wanted to use these samples to give you an impression of how consistency and strategic thinking can result in a mixture of factors that is ideal for creating effective homes.

Hopefully you liked the read and now you have a clue what you can add to your own homepage. Which means a homepage actually? BIG's homepage should summarise and contain the company's nucleus. This should be prestigious for the website as it is the primary gateway to the other pages within your website.

One more important thing, a homepage should contain a one-of-a-kind performance promise that sets it apart from others. The home page on a website is the critical point at which the user decides whether to remain or go. It will be up to you to choose whether you want to search for more or not. And if so, we look forward to the results: your homepage, of which you will be so proud.

Now is the moment, if you are still indecisive, to write down some thoughts that come to your minds and collect materials for your new homepage. Consistency, strategic thinking and visibility will of course go hand in hand with the messages you want to convey to your website users.

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