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Find out more about the advantages, disadvantages and alternative options. Learn what users are saying about GoDaddy Website Builder. Easily move your GoDaddy website to WordPress in 6 easy clicks.

As with many website host companies, GoDaddy provides a site Builder that allows clients to build their own website without having to know any coding. This SiteBuilder enables the user to design and change layout with Drag&Drop items. Like other Website Building tools, GoDaddy's WebsiteBuilder is finite. Quickly learn that they want the versatility of a CMS like WordPress and try to move their pages.

I will move a website from the GoDaddy WebsiteBuilder to WordPress and show you how to do it from there. GoDaddy's Website Builder was used to create a website. Having chosen the businessplan, I used a businesstheme that focused on webdesign. Well, I picked a subject named Web Design Studio.

It is a four-page subject with a single investment section on the homepage. You will need to collect some information about your website before you make the change. You must restore them to your WordPress website. It is recommended to create a link copy and past in which you can copy and past all your link files. A simple way is to insert the web style grabber address into the web style grabber.

Lists all the fonts and colors your GoDaddy website uses on this page. You have to make every contribution and every page to submit your contents. Rebuild the layout or simply use the standard page layout in WordPress. You can either make the website itself on your own servers and then move it when it's done, or you can move the site to the real thing hosts and make the website while it's there.

To learn more about using Service Mode, see the 5 WordPress Tools to Create a Service mode or upcoming page article. For more information about using Service mode, see the following item. There are some interesting page themes in the topic I have chosen for my GoDaddy website. Our service and contacts pages were default themes and the built-in Divi module would restore them without many changes.

Need to build the layouts with a simple copy and paste tool. I use Divi and the Divi Builder. Others also work, up to and beyond themes with page dragging and dropping items and drag-and-drop plug-ins such as Visual Composer. In WordPress, build a new page and choose Divi PageBuilder.

There was no worrying that I was trying to make every detail the same because I wanted to take full benefit of what Divi could do. On the GoDaddy page, for example, the folder was just a set of statically displayed pictures that weren't even visible. Divi Portfoliomodul generated a selectable dynamical animated portofolio. As soon as you know your typefaces and style, you can either use the Divi themme customizer to make the customizations, or customize each section, line, or modul individually.

Using the same colours as the GoDaddy page, I chose to use Divi's standard text and a more sleek front page typeface instead of the one used in WebsiteBuilder. For more information on how to install typefaces in Divi, see 15 Architectural and Modern Design for Web Design.

In order to make the intersection between the portfolios and the section above it, I used the Divi Nation episode 12 tutorial and modified the coding to fit the bottom instead of the top. I' ve added Divi's built-in symbols and resized them to fit the sizes. GoDaddy's icon was not a web designer, so I simply used something similar instead of trying to compare them closely.

When you need symbols, read Best Places to Find Free Buttons and Image Assets Online 10 or browse the Elegant Theme Blog for free symbols. I searched for an hour and unfortunately there is only one way to get the contents of your GoDaddy website into WordPress. Three-words: copy and pasted.

It is recommended to store your GoDaddy pages on your harddisk. While you can copy your text file easily from the GoDaddy website, copy storage and storage makes sure you have the contents you need, and they're easily accessible after you turn off your GoDaddy website. If you' re using a download utility or storing your pages on your computer, you might still need to copy and past your pictures from the web site while creating the new post.

GoDaddy's WebsiteBuilder saves template and file types on different server and they differ from site to site, making it hard to get your pictures with the remainder of the file types. If you have placed a WebsiteBuilder Web site on your GoDaddy standard Hosting schedule and intend to use that schedule for your WordPress Web site, you must first turn off the WebsiteBuilder Web site and you will no longer have control over the contents.

Copying and pasting the contents of one of the components after another. Insert the contents into your module. When necessary, you can make the columns as wide as you want in Advanced Design Settings and by adding cushions, and create the proper spacing between the items above or below the contents.

Proceed with copying and pasting until you have moved all the contents to the new site. It' a time-consuming procedure, but the benefits you get from the WordPress versatility are really there. You will also need to copy and paste your pictures and any other items you have on your website.

Be sure to copy only your own pictures and not those that came with your GoDaddy artwork. As the pictures were part of the WebsiteBuilder bundle, it is likely that they were only licensed for that bundle. After you have finished creating your pages, you can build the menus system with WordPress's easy-to-use customizers.

Remember to make this the main submenu. More information about how to build customized menu items can be found in the How to Build Customizing menu structures in WordPress articles. Customize the color of the left pane buttons in the customize themes. Choose Header & Navigation, Main Toolbar, and then add the text color.

I' ve also adapted the menue size to the GoDaddy page from this one. You want your GoDaddy website to fit your GoDaddy website. In this way all your website link will still work and you will not loose any of your site content, your site content or your site content. Once you have received it for free with your GoDaddy WebsiteBuilder subscription, you may not be able to forward it until a year after you have purchased it.

In order to customize the WordPress tree, go to Preferences in your desktop and choose Permalinks. Your GoDaddy website is structured to fit your GoDaddy website. html-sinks. Their new WordPress website will not have a . html at the end of the hyperlink. Fortunately, there is an easier way to divert the URL.

For more information about how to make detours, see the How To Create Remirects with WordPress articles. You can find an overwiew of our redeirect plug-in in the Turn Around article: 7 best WordPress plug-ins for WordPress. Make sure to make a 404 page if there are problems with your redirections. See Authoring Custom WordPress 404 Error Pages for a good article on how to build an actual 404 page.

To see the best 404 plugs see the 7 best 404 plugs for WordPress articles. As soon as your website is ready, it's your turn to test all your hyperlinks before you put them into operation. Here is my Divi copy of the homepage of my GoDaddy website from WebsiteBuilder. The GoDaddy WebsiteBuilder build was the most complicated and time-consuming website build I've ever done, and I've built websites for most (if not all) of the bigs.

The use of GoDaddy's WebsiteBuilder for a few whole day was enough to get me to stick with WordPress. When using WebsiteBuilder, I strongly suggest that you make the change as soon as possible. Early switching means less worrying about your contents. Although the conversion is a copy and past operation, the WordPress usability and versatility is valuable and pays off in the long run.

Did you move a website from GoDaddy's WebsiteBuilder to WordPress?

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