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A lightweight and extremely powerful page builder. This list at the top of this page was created after an extensive review process. Create your website from ready-to-use products. The Beaver Builder is the site creator you can trust with your business.

Wordprocessor for WordPress pages

Connect with more than 1,000,000 free and simple WordPress Web sites designers. Modify the topics and still keep all your skins. Beyond the exaggeratedly simplified and generically designed page layouts by having more complete controls over the different partitions. Handicrafts the column sizes have never been so simple. It is also possible to select from the standard options and simply insert more rows into the line.

It' a function that gives you the liberty to make a much more individual look. Adjust the padding and margins for segments, column and widget with px, EM or percent. Modify the column spacing between the pillars so that your theme can breath. Draft it. Rather than start from zero, use our ready-made artwork to boost or inspire your own creative work.

Store your page themes as originals and use them on other pages. Expand any style sheet and bring it in for use on other sites. We' ve integrated extended Widget like Carousel, Google Map and many others. There are countless options from modifying the superimposition of buttons to adjusting the distance within the progression area.

Insert your favourite plug-ins and WordPress Widgets into your page quickly and easily, and just simply by dragging and dropping them onto the page. Enhanced style will also be available for these Widget.

WorldPress Page Builder Plugin | Beaver Builder

We offer a set of useful functions for anyone who runs a web site or a WordPress multi-site workstation. Together with all the other functions contained in our Pro and Default bundles, the Agent bundle provides wholesale labelling capabilities, a network-wide multi-site installation preference window, assistance in building a DIY web publication platforms, and the option to overwrite kernel template.

Using the lettering in red, you can substitute the words Page Builder, Beaver Builder and the Beaver Builder emblem with the name or emblem of your own business. Whilst the Pro Bundle is also multi-site enabled, the Page Builder preferences must be adjusted on each website separately. It can be awkward if your local office contains many locations.

Networkwide configuration saves you valuable resources by enabling Superadmins to reconfigure the Page Builder for all locations on a single site and overwrite them on a site-by-site notion. Niche, DIY publishing plattforms are a big deal! Use the Agency Package to start your own business with your own dedicated web builder!

You can overwrite the standard Beaver Builder template and replace it with your own.

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