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Data protection declaration | Contact us | myPay Full Site. Web site performance improvement and acceleration Gain more insights into the inner life of your website. Extra functions give you more detail and information than just the first look. Define multiple terms relying on PageSpeed/YSlow scores, Page Loads times, Total Page sizes, etc. and receive email alerts when they are raised.

Analyse the way your website loads from different parts of the globe to see how visitors in the region would see it.

Watch the power of your site on a current Android mobile device (only available in our Vancouver area; Surveillance & APIA not available)! Decelerate your rendition up to fourfold of your initial tempo, skip to the most important page loading landmarks, and get a strip film preview that gives you a different way to visualize your page loading.

Simulation the loading of your page on different device (phones/tablets) or monitor resolution, set preferences for commonly used settings and much more! Use our Development Toolkit for enhanced toolkits to get even better visibility into the power of your site.

Webhosting services that have been created with great diligence!

webhosting is our trade. State-of-the-art velocity technology is our greatest pastime. Our speciality is providing unparalleled safety systems. We are proud of our stunning tech sales team. Various hosted platform for every need! Every kind of hosted services we offer is further enhanced with unparalleled power enhancements! We offer a 1-click installation and download facility for an easier launch.

When it comes to WordPress administered auto-updates and simple WP-CLI console administration, you can rely on us. SuperCacher is available for all WordPress superspeed projects above the StartUp. eeks can use WP stage and Git integrations on our google, clutch and committed schedules. You' ll like our help! Our fast and knowledgeable technical staff is a legend.

Offer on-boarding help and on-going support at any given moment. Make your website quicker and more secure! To increase performance, we use solid-state disk drive for all our web hostings. For every single SSL connection we offer a free Let's Encrypt SSL-Zertifikat. Every year we make over 3 million WordPress and Joomla up-dates.

Our data processing contract ensures that your hosted service complies with GDPR standards. They' re just right when it comes to safety, performance and development utilities, and they' ve also got the manpower side backed up with an awesome tech crew.

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