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Design your favorite websites with themes & skins created by the Stylish community. An effective advertising unit that uses space on a traditionally empty website.


When calculating, a skins (also known as skins in Windows XP)[1] is a customized, default graphic look and feel suite that is created by using a GUI that can be customized to certain computer programs, systems, and Web sites to fit the purposes, theme, or taste of different people.

Thus, a single skins can fully modify the appearance and navigational interfaces of an applications program or OS. Softwares able to apply a hide are termed skinable, and the procedure of typing or appliquéing such hide is termed hiding.

Using a skins changes the appearance of your application - some skins only make the application more aesthetic, but others can reorder user interfaces, potentially making it simpler to use. Well-liked skins are for IM client, mediacenter and mediaplayer applications, such as Trillian and Winamp, due to the connection with enjoyment that such applications try to promote.

A number of operating systems allow the default interfaces to be changed, most of them with the X Window System. SKINING is usually built with a modeling vision control architechture that provides a flexibility that allows the GUI to be adapted independently of and directly associated with the application's functionalities. It allows the operator to choose or create a different skins as desired and also allows deeper changes in the location and functioning of the UI items.

There is controversy about the use of skininning in graphical interfaces. Whilst for some it is useful or enjoyable to modify the look of the application, a modified look can make it difficult to provide tech support and train. Having a fully customizable UI by one individual can seem totally unknown to another individual who knows the program in a different way.

When developing games, the skins or reskins of a particular pack or asset means to apply different visuals to the same basic models, programs or animations. Games developers can decide whether they want to redesign a particular application during creation, usually for promotional purposes, or to better fit their needs. Super Mario Bros. 2, for example, was a resin of an established title to a more popular franchise, and Speed Freaks was a more serious and obscure theme as it evolved, before embracing the latest cartoon look and feel. 2 was a classic of the game's series.

A lot of web pages are skininnable, especially those that offer soft skills. A few webpages offer skins that mainly make cosmetical changes, while others - such as H2G2 - offer skins that make larger changes to the page layouts. Like stand-alone softwares interface, this is made easier by the Web site's basic XML and XLST technologies, which allow for example larger changes in layouts, while allowing for easy creation of different types of visually different style by using the CSS.

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