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Creating your own website doesn't have to be difficult or costly. As a matter of fact, the latest free website softwares makes it simple for even novice users to construct a website that looks professionally and makes good buys. There' s just no need to spend a thousand to a web design engineer if you can use this free guide to create a custom website.

If you are an established shopkeeper, just launching your first on-line shop, or a contractor who wants to present your work, having a professionally run website is a prerequisite to get your work taken seriously. If you' re like most humans, maybe you don't know where to start. Building a website can be daunting if you don't have the technology you need.

To say nothing of the fact that the number of available choices for building a website can simply be bewildering. I' ll guide you through the whole website creation lifecycle, from adapting your website to designing it to the sale of your website's goods and service. Everything you need is the most elementary computer knowledge - if you can click the button and enter a few words, you can build a professionally designed website in less than half an hours!

I have been working since 2002 on-line and creating many of my own winning sites, and now I want to pass on my expertise to you in this free guidebook. A step-by-step tutorial will give you everything you need to have a professionally looking website for your company or on-line adventure.

In order to properly configure your website, you need to select the right piece of code or hardware for your website. While there are many possibilities, in this manual I will show you how to create a website with WordPress. WorldPress is the most beloved website plattform in the whole wide web, and for good reasons.

WorldPress works well for all kinds of websites and I highly suggest it in this manual for some reason. WorldPress is a so-called "open source" program, i.e. anyone can use and change it free of cost. This has not only saved us a lot of cash, but has also helped create a fellowship of hundreds of thousands of WordPress enthusiasts.

That means that for almost everything you have to do with a website, someone has done it before with WordPress. Whilst there are tonnes of sophisticated things you can do with WordPress, it is also the simplest website creation tool to teach web designers without prior web designing work.

If you are willing to take on more complicated tasks, WordPress can do the same for you (see below). No matter whether you want to build an on-line shop, an information page, a paper or just something else, WordPress can do it. It is used by some of the largest Web Sites in the worldwide (New York Times, CNN, General Motors, eBay, Mashable, UPS, etc.) as well as hundreds of thousand of smaller Web Web sites.

Whilst the right website is a good place to begin, it's nothing if you don't know how to use it. That' s why most of this manual is dedicated to getting the most out of your website by showing you how to do things step-by-step and easily.

With your website now up and running and a constant stream of traffic, you can concentrate on making a living with your website (if that's your goal). Several ways to make good business with your website exist, but the most common are the sale of advertising spaces on your website and the sale of products/services in an on-line shop.

It' really a truly powerful market place and a website will help you use its powers to your benefit. No matter whether your aim is to make cash or just to split your thoughts, there is no more powerful and powerful way to achieve these aims than through your own website. One of the main advantages of having your own website is:

As of this date, almost every company or every organisation you can imagine has a website. Web sites are no longer just for technology businesses. Cafes, independent artisans, even schools all have their own sites. Web sites are so widespread that if you do businesses without a site, your clients immediately become untrusted.

Having a high qualitiy website is a mark of a legit company or organisation you can trust. The times when retailers rented floor areas to open a new company are over. If you can serve tens of thousands of people around the world, why only resell your goods and service to the hundred near your deal?

Being able to attract clients from all over the globe makes it much simpler to find the right person interested in your product or service, and that means more turnover and profit for you. Website creation is one of the least risky choices you can make. A website usually cost less than $3 a months to set up, making it a snap for even the most economical storekeeper.

Perhaps you have seen adverts that purport to allow you to build a free website. Enterprises that offer free sites are included to earn cash for themselves. They will advertise on your website in return for your site getting room. Unfortunately, you have no way of controlling what is promoted or where the adverts are placed on your site and you will not receive any of the cash from these advertiser.

Whilst subscribing for a free website is really free, you will soon see that in order to really have a fully functioning website you need to be paying for extra functions. Items such as modifying the look and feel of your website ($150) or creating a customized domainname ($25) are all you want to do with your website, but with "free" sites you will be billed a high fee to make these changes.

There are three major causes why free sites look very unprofessional: When someone asks for your website, they are expecting something like "", not "". Unfortunately, this second choice is exactly what you get with a free website. Do you want your website to make your company look better and without a real domainname that is simply not possible?

Furthermore, you don't get the full functionality required to build a true, high-quality website. When you really want to customise your website and make it as user-friendly as possible, you need certain functions, and free sites simply don't have them available, or they invite you an arms and a legs to get them.

There is nothing more distracting from a good website than a page filled with advertising. Your website's aim should be to help your organization grow, and having a ton of advertising on the site will distract and frustrate your site's users and make them less likely to return to your site. There are free sites to earn cash for the companies that offer you the "free" site.

In addition to the sale of advertising on your website, which you never get paid for, they also do not let you resell your product or service through a free website. These are the two most important ways to make cash with your website, and none of them is permitted on a free website.

Essentially, so-called "free" web sites cost more for an inefficient work. But the good thing is that the payment for your own website can avoid all these problems, and it's not pricey. Actually, it is less costly than a "free" website because there are no concealed charges. Creating your own website doesn't have to be difficult or costly.

As I have already found out everything the tough way, I want to make it easier for you to build your own website. Everything from beginning to end is guided by my step-by-step instructions: selecting a domainname, customising your website, sales of items and service on your website and boosting your website traffics so you can make a living with your website.

Begin right now with the 1st part of the free tutorial. I am sure that my step-by-step instructions will give you all the information you need to get going. Feel free to contact me, because I like to talk about creating websites - it's my pleasure!

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