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You can create amazing CMS themes and templates, edit content from websites, e-commerce and landing pages. 10 top template generators for blogs and websites When you are not happy with ready-made web log and website layouts and want to make your own designs, a bar bones approach could make it easy. We' ve put together a shortlist of the ten most important utilities to help you put this framework together to boost your creative power. The CSSEZ is an online template builder for Wordpress and Movable Style blogging.

To use the CSSEZ tools, you must be registered on the CSSEZ page. These are some good functions that allow you to select between one to four colors for your blogs, defining the width of the colors, cushioning, border, edge, fonts and left-style. Download and download your wallpaper or collaborate with the picture creator. 12 free wallpapers for your choice.

Select a template and customize the template by modifying the colors, fonts, text, location of text, etc. in the foreground, containers, footers, menu items, and borders. Once you have completed your settings in the Customizing application, you can upload the template to your system. It is a very practical utility for those who want to make their own template without much HTML-skills.

If you had an upload function, this would have been better. The Drupal Topic Builder is an MS Excel-based Drupal page topic builder that lets you build PHP template and X template topics for your Drupal pages. It is free and offers many features like a chance engine for colour schemes, a preview of your design on your system, the HTML colour wizard and the integration of CSS, JavaScript, PHP and HTML codes in the designs from an outside source, etc.

You can also get nine topics when you are downloading the utility. Eris' Template Generator provides 11 scripts for your blogs with three columns for each. Support Diaryland, Diary-x, Movabletype, old Blogger, Wordpress, SRB2 and a free HTML page template. Now you can attach your tagline, tagline, tagline, indexmeta and links, archive, email, memos, profiles, buddylist and last 5 items for Diaryland, last 10 items for Movable Type, calendars for B2, Wordpress logroll, XHTML conform and context copyrights, web rings, web picture name, and button name.

Florence is an online template builder for old Blogger and Movable Tyre blogging. There are two and three columns to chose from. Just fill in the information in the appropriate fields of the online application and click Create Template. It is possible to include your page name, cover picture, fonts and colors.

The HTML PHP Website Template is an online PHP template creation utility, along with its HTML and HTML templates. The stylesheet, headers, sidebars, headers, and bottom area can be customized by specifying your fonts, colors, margins, and orientation in the Template Builder online template forme. is an open sourcecode online template generation for the old Blogger, PersianBlog and BlogFa platform.

Specify your page header, back colour, back colour, text, distance and the four columns available. View a template by previewing it and get the HTML version of the template. A good part of using your own template is that if your web browser is interrupted, you can still work on your template and design it completely.

It is a good utility, but must work on more blogs like the new Blogger and Wordpress. With Templatr, you get more than 20 layout and layout choices for various page items such as pages, headers, footers, title, margins, padding, borders, and more for your Wordpress blog. You can also use it as an online file sharing utility to add your website images.

As soon as you are ready, you can upload the template to your system. WEBLY is a clear page template generation tool with more than 15 ready-made templates. One of these themes can be selected and customized by selecting different items such as advertisements, newsfeeds, cards, added contacts, text and image layout, column definition, Google and YouTube video, etc.

Worpress Thesaurus Generator is a fun online toolset that allows you to build your own customized word-press thesaurus without having to know a lot of HTML and CSS programming skills. It provides choices to select your blogs name, website bodysize, position and side bar dimensions, a third row, meal layouts, colour and text patterns, as well as tags, clouds, archive and query fields.

Your website can be uploaded online and linked from your template. As soon as you're done, you can take a look at a thumbnail of your creations and save it as a zipped archive.

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