Website Template Detector

Web Site Template Detector

on how to find out what topic a website uses. You sometimes go to a website and enjoy the look and feel of that website. Immediately you want to know which WordPress topic the respective website uses. Usually most sites use WordPress as their main plattform as it is very popular and easily usable. Nowadays I will give some basic and straightforward hints and utilities that will help you figure out which WordPress topic a website uses.

There are some utilities that will deliver in-depth information about the topic and even listing the Plugins that a website uses.

They can display the sources to find out the name of the topic using a website. When you are used to HTML and CSS, displaying your sources won't be hard for you, but if you don't know HTML and CSS, this can be quite bewildering. Don't be afraid, even if you don't know HTML and CSS and how to display the web page sources.

Go to the website in your preferred web browsers. Right-click anywhere on the Web page and choose Show Page Source. Click the right mouse button. You will see a new screen with the complete website sources. Press Ctrl+F to open the search toolbar and enter wp-content/themes. You' ll see that wp-content/themes are emphasized and right next to it you will see the name of the topic.

I found 2 very useful websites that show details about plug-ins and topics that a particular website uses. All you have to do is enter the website address and these utilities will show you the details. Is this a very useful website to find out WordPress topic or plug-in that a website uses?

All you have to do is enter the website address. SO WHAT WORD PRESS TOPIC IS THIS? It is another good and useful website to find out about the plug-ins and themes that each website uses. All you have to do is enter the website address. Also you can see the listing of the plug-in website being used. When a website uses a sub design, you can also view a parent design's detail.

Whether the topic is available for free downloading or not. So you can find out about plug-ins and themes. It's hard to figure that out. Do you have any suggestion to find the topic used on an html page? Hello Tahir, please tell me the topic name of since I tried to verify but didn't get it. Hello together, can anyone tell me the name of the topic used by this website? thank you.

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