Website Template Examples

Examples of Website Templates

What is the purpose of your website? Search this list of JavaScript examples to add interactivity to your website. There are 5 examples of beautiful resume/CV web templates

These are a few fast-response web CVs you can create from. The VSResume is built on an online review of over 500 CVs - all the best parts are built into VSResume. It is a high-performance HTML5/CSS3 CV template for everyone. It' built on the Bootstrap 3 shell and is a really mighty template.

It will look fantastic on any machine thanks to its reactive styling! The Sass preprocessor makes it extremely simple to adapt and offers limitless options. The template contains some stunning CSS3 visual and animation features, enhanced coding, a contacts page, Google Maps integrated, Font Avesome symbols, a customizable folder, and more.

The Jestem is an elegantly designed and lightweight CV vCard HTML/CSS template using the Bootstrap 3 frameworks. It has a highly reactive look and feel and its functionality includes two home page editions, a blogsite, a contact page, six colour variations and more than 500 symbols, as well as full documentary and assistance. One of a kind, this template is a highly reactive and retinal HTML5 website with a mesh system outline.

There is an admin account request and a working PHP mailing listcript. Are you a web design professional, why not join Envato Elements and become a collaborator? There is a great deal of cash to be made in making high value web submissions, but you have to be acceptable first.

As an alternative, if you would like to apply for a position at any time or enhance your career profile on-line, then access one of these easily customizable web CVs and get to work! Last but not least, if you want an individual CV or CV creation, visit Envato Studio and hire one of its specialists.

Vicasso, for example, will create a stunning two-page CV for you in different sizes for only $75.

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