Website Templates for Sale

Site templates for sale

Top sellers website themes Sample was created for different types of webpages. You can use this topic for property, building, traveling, and hotels. Arts & Cultures, Pet & Domestic Animal, Designs & Pictures, Electronic, Holiday, Presents & Flower, Educational & Book, Busines & Service, Automotive & Motorbikes, Sport, Outdoor, Travelling, Food & Drink, Computer & Interior, Social & Folk, Home & Familiy, Entertainments, Games, Property, Health & Medicine, Webites.

You can use this topic for any small to large corporate venture. This topic is for photographers, fashions and beauties. Created for sport, outdoor and travelling webpages. Sample was created for an IT website. Designed specifically for shoppers, entertainers, society vs. individuals, home & home and corporate Web pages.

You can use this appealing website templates for transport, travel, car and communication sites. Customized for health (healthcare), community & folks, clothing & aesthetics, educational & book sites. You can use this pattern for your industry-sites. Topics were tailored for consultancy, bookkeeping, finance, economics and service, computer and web, computer and web, medicine, real estates sites.

It is suitable for your web site and for your web site. Choose this topic for Universities, Schools and Libraries, Societies and Individuals, Economics and Service, Designs and Photography, Medicine, Property, Computer and Web. These templates are tailor-made for architectural, civil engineering, contractor, home builders, house builders, contractor, home enhancement, site development, site maintenance and web based businesses.

There are 10 places to buy templates

When you want to earn cash again and again with a particular piece of art - without having to waste more of your precious attention - the simplest way is to make it your own subject or artwork. Over a few webmasters take full charge of the sale of their designs, but it can actually be more difficult to actually resell a submission alone than through one of the many websites that have designs sold by a multitude of webmasters.

It' comes back to the fact that shoppers would rather go to a website and quickly browse a whole pile of templates than look on the web for a topic here and a topic there. Whilst you can take home a smaller proportion of the selling rate on a site with you, you are likely to make more purchases.

Many websites are there ready to resell your templates for you and some are better than others. Various websites provide a greater share of revenue or more revenue for the designer to ensure higher revenue. There are ten websites below that are some of the better decisions when it comes to the sale of your work and are loose in order of how much work it actually takes to actually yours templates through them to you.

With ThemeForest, you can resell HTML templates, WordPress topics, Joomla templates, Flash templates, and Photoshop templates. Pricing for a topic or pattern varies - as does your style as a fashion designer. Their share will depend on whether a particular redesign is exclusively available at ThemeForest or not: for non-exclusive topics, you will get 25% of every sale.

You get between 35% and 50% for excluding topics, whereby you move up if you have more topics to offer. A web design engineer must first study a brief introductory lesson and perform a quick quotation before starting to market ThemeForest. The Templamatic has some basic template needs that it offers for sale: current HTML and CSS markup, cross-browser interoperability, and no copyrights issues.

On the other hand, the website provides webmasters with 65% of all web design revenue. The upload of a submission or topic is a question of creating a free subscription and add your work. Tempplamatic can accept a wide range of templates, such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. This site also supports MySpace, phpBBB and other php pages and platform skin.

Templates and topics will be accepted by our employees before they are available on the website. PurchaseStockDesign is a fairly new market place where you can post your data and make between 50-75% of all sales. Allow PSD, HTML, WordPress and Joomla templates. Register as an artist and start selling templates.

Many websites offer certain kinds of templates. The FlashDen is a website that only processes Flash website templates, along with some other Flash data as well. You' ll get a percent of every sale, with higher prices for higher quality templates. You will also need to finish a quick test to begin the sale on FlashDen - you can launch the trial on the authoring page.

FlashDen and ThemeForest networks also offer the possibility of selling sound and videofiles. The SitePoint templates plaza looks like another forums, but offers a forums with templates for sale. WordPress topics are the main focus of the market place, but you can pretty much enumerate any type of website templates you have available.

A charge will be made to enumerate your templates - but Sitepoint does not share your purchases. In order to start the sale on Sitepoint, you must make a bid for a new auctions. Determine your pricing when you make a quote and whether a design is unique to Sitepoint or otherwise available.

All in all, the website is aimed at the webmaster and a special forums has been created for web designer who want to advertise topics or templates. TalkFreelance is a TalkFreelance service. If you are interested in reselling through TalkFreelance, you must become a member of the Forums. TalkFreelance has also developed some other policies that are available on the website.

Plenty of room for the sale of templates in online forums: This site offers useful market places because it is aimed at people who usually own more than one website - a market that buys website templates rather than other demographic data. Minimum restrictions apply to offer templates that are for sale in Webmaster-Talk.

This site treats each bid as an automatic sale, but you can always resell more than one instance of a topic or artwork. They can really do anything on eBay, even yours, and they can even make website templates. Whilst it can be more difficult to resell more expensive templates on eBay, the mere amount of shoppers browsing the site can mean a level of traffic that' s really valuable to the cost of reselling your work on eBay.

On eBay, website topics and templates are sold just like any other product: you just place the article you want to buy on eBay and either specify a'Buy It Now' bid or an auctions. Dependent on how many templates you want to resell, eBay shop setup can be worthwhile: you can create lists of more than one copy of a single one with a little more convenience, as well as several templates with minimum effort.

And there are literally hundreds of website creators out there who depend on templates and topics that they can quickly customize to deliver fast web sites to their clients. Even looking through a designer's portfolios can give you an inkling of how much they use templates. Licensing a design model to such design-especially if you give them a certain degree of exclusivity-can earn you a substantial amount of cash, usually more than if you sold templates through various on-line markets.

To a certain degree, you have to promote your work: emailing a number of web design professionals is enough, but without that advertising they won't know you are there. Whilst I mentioned that it is more difficult to yourselves topics and templates to sale through your own website, it can be done successfully.

Keys are to find a certain alcove of templates - perhaps templates for a certain type of company or skin for certain sites - and promote your wares. With his TwitterImage website, Hugh Briss provides a good example. By following Hugh's example, you can efficiently market topics and templates from your own website.

As you may have seen, many large templates vendors are not on this mailing list. However, you may have found out that many large templates vendors are not on this mailing list. Your search for a specific templates voucher will not be successful. This is because businesses like TemplateMonster are not simple to do. Usually, they work with employed web design professionals to create and market topics rather than using work from outside contractors or independents. The sale of your templates through these websites is not a sideline - it's a full-time work.

Instead, the choices here are choices to give you a steady flow of revenue that won't take as much work as shaping a website from the ground up. It' s not too hard to make a livin' by creating templates, but most web design professionals just don't do it. Some of them just resell a certain kind of templates, while others resell templates that are optimised for a certain kind of use.

By creating special topics or templates, such web pages can offer you a better value for your work. Did you sell templates or topics through one of these webpages? Where do you suggest other web pages?

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