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Evaluate HTML into WordPress themes. Compare 30+ Best Drag & Drop WordPress Themes Builder - 2018 Fortunately for us, there are WordPress Theme Builder out there that can make our life a whole hell of a whole hell of a lot simpler. As you can see in the title, I'm referring to the best drag-and-drop themed farmers. Obviously, these utilities are not always applied to every single product you create. One of the best drag-and-drop theme makers, and one of the ones that can be used for almost anything.

This comes with the so-called Divi Builder, a drag-and-drop site creator. Delivered with 18 ready-made layout, WooCommerce, Testimonials and Counters module. Functions: fully reactive, drag-and-drop page creator, parallel axis and background videos, ready-made layout, fully customizable. Stylish and contemporary styling that serves several functions. It' s highly adaptable to your needs because it is fully compliant with common drag-and-drop page creators (e.g. Elementor, SiteOrigin).

Once the free plug-ins are installed, it's just a question of your preferences how to build and organize the partitions. Characteristics: 100 percent compliant with the most favorite free site builder, fast response materials designs, price charts, customized color, WooCommerce compliance, Jetpack built-in product range, pallax scroll, one-page page publishing. The Beaver Builder is a theme/plugin combination that is very simple for anyone to use.

Probably one of the best drag-and-drop theme-makers. Characteristics: More than 20 page layouts, WooCommerce integrated, front-end processing, optimised content, Widget and Shortcode, developers easy to use, fast reacting layout. One of the most beloved page creators, Elementuor provides a straightforward and easy-to-use user experience that lets you easily add and remove any page or contribution to your website using just a single click and by dragging and dropping.

Just add the Builder and you can customise your website, make great looking landings pages and make new great looking layout and designs. Functions: no programming knowledge needed, WordPress theme compatibility with any theme, import theme to theme designer, drag-and-drop capabilities, user-defined post-type freundlich, third-party, adaptable Widgets, portable freundlich, pre-built template, colour schemes.

Characteristics: 100 percent reactive artwork, drag-and-drop power page builder, 9 pre-built themes, 4 blogs lay-out style, 2 eCommerce choices - WooCommerce & Ecwid, headers and footers style choices, Cherry Theme Wizard plug-in, Jetimpex dashboard for update & back up. An Themify Builder is built into every theme in the Themify library. This allows you to create and process your own backend and frontend Layouts.

You can also use it to provide ready-made designs or let you customize a template for quick prototypeing. Characteristics: fast reacting designs, easy to translate and build, flexible modules, background videos, scanning parallaxes, different colours, Google scripts, easy to use URL. The Zerif Pro is a great multi-purpose theme with an stunning look that will catch your eyes in no time.

Cerif Pro is SiteOrigin and Visual Composer compliant, so you can easily manipulate everything directly from the front end with drag-and-drop editing capabilities. Designed to fit any need and will make your website look breathtaking. Functions: fast response time, WooCommerce integrated, pallax scroll, optimised search for content, limitless colours, user-defined Widgets, SiteOrigin and Visual Composer compliant.

The Strata is an extreme drag-and-drop WordPress Theme Builder. Comes with a fully built-in Visual Composer. Characteristics: High-definition wallpaper, fully embedded visual composer, pallax pages, fast-response designs, page and drop-down menu, WooCommerce connectivity, retina-capable. It'?s a strong little subject, isn't it, Mr. Mason? Delivered with comprehensive hard copy and annotated tutorial videos to help you navigate through all the functions.

LayerSlider is included with the theme. It is a fast acting slide show plug-in that allows you to easily generate 2-D and 3-D slide shows. Functions: fast reacting redesign, retina capable, annotated videosutorials, many predefined skin, LayerSlider plug-in integrations, different portfoliovariations, simple to use administration panels. There is a pretty wide variety of functions this frameworks provides.

The Unyson looks like an interesting free option for designers who want a high-performance WordPress site creation utility, but at the same want to give end-consumers a simple way to create customized site contents. Functions: built-in developer enhancements and high-performance end-user customization capabilities, limitless side bars, mega menus, integrated slider, SEO-enabled, user-defined Widgets.

For good reasons, one of the best-selling topics on ThemeForest at the moment is currently to be found on it. Built on the advice of leading on-line marketeers and professionals in the fields of AdWords, WordPress, SEO, and other areas. Functions: Infinitely customisable, 4 one-of-a-kind layouts, drag-and-drop page builder, shortcuts, layouts option, navigational option, fast response and retina enabled, easy one-sided navigational set-up.

Totally is a multi-purpose theme with a drag-and-drop theorem generator for the frontend. WPBakery provides it with the Visual Composer. The Page Builder gives you full controls over the page layouts of your pages and postings. Feature: highly reactive interface, Visual Composer by WPBakery, user-defined mail type, WooCommerce integrated, Font Awesome symbols, 4 plug-ins including, optimised for rapid response and fast performance.

Quarters is a contemporary styling that creates nice layout for your WordPress page. Characteristics: many maps flexibility, inline processing, full responsiveness, typekit scripts, no programming needed, simple and intuitional user interfaces. There are 12 different demonstrations for different uses. There are many page choices, a WYSIWYG merger builder, nice designs, many page layout and many other functions.

Functions: highly reactive frameworks, adjustable header, menu and slider, WooCommerce compliance, folder and blogs integrations, page header bars, widgets, unlimited colours, optimised for performance and SU. This is a highly scalable WordPress theme that lets you create header and footer from the ground up using the drag-and-drop Adobe Reader application. Besides, Customify is fully customizable to work with favorite site builder like Elementor and Beaver Builder.

Functions: Page Builder-friendly, extensive headers and footers builder, powerful headers for portable device, prepared to load website, real-time graphical builder, available premier module, optimised for performance and smoothEO, fast editing mode. The Solitudo is a multi-purpose theme with integrated multi-lingual translation and multi-lingual assistance - no WPML or . po file needed.

Comes with a high performance drag-and-drop builder that is suitable for both novice and experienced use. Functions: fast response time, translatable, high performance drag-and-drop builder, integrated workflow, endless color and page layouts, WooCommerce integrated, Revolution Slider plug-in. A retina-capable, fully reactive drag-and-drop theme with cinematic transition. It comes with an optionally, fully customisable side panel and mega-menu.

Functions: fully reactive, retina capable, Ajax motion animation transition, customized header and slider, super menu and page menu, full wallpaper of videos, many shortcuts, Visual Composer for WordPress. The Valenti is an eye-friendly, HD Retina-enabled, fast-reacting magazine/review topic. Comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop theorem generator. Magazined choices, colour choices and preview images provide a pleasant viewing environment.

Characteristics: fast reacting redesign, retina-compatible, singular picture system, super meal system, translatable, SEO-compatible, adhesive side strips. It'?s a full-fledged drag-and-drop theorem generator. Producing fully reactive layout, it provides user-defined typeface, style, and other front-end edit functions in a user-friendly user experience. Feature: fully reactive layout, WooCommerce integrated, limitless page layout, optimised content for SMEs and society, many short codes, styles, individual typesetting.

Makes a free, stunning drag-and-drop theorem generator. There are some useful choices for designers, creative professionals and companies to ensure that everyone can tailor them to their needs. It makes it easy for anyone to personalise their website. Featuring: fast-response interface architecture, over 110 customized choices, no shortcuts, slider galleries, ready-made kids topics, custom layout for single articles or pages, WooCommerce integrated, widgets area.

Brand is a good looking theme, with a clear and unusual look that goes well with any type of store. Characteristics: Ten uniquely designed, Visual Composer and Slider Revolution integrated, 5 headers and navigational style, more than 100 pre-built creatives, fast response and retina enabled, high performance shortcuts, 5 rich interactivity file style sets.

It is a sophisticated page creator that allows you to select every detail for your pages. This theme comes with a large menus with choices that will help you organise your section. Functions: fast reacting layout, many moduls, integrated stick image libraries, over 100 colour scheme and font, WYSIWYG editors, integrated picture editors, slide shows.

The LayoutPress is a fast-reacting and portable theme builder for WordPress. There is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop page that can be opened directly from the desktop. It uses WordPress style sheets in the WordPress style sheet tree, so you can personalize them (and create your own). Functions: fast-reacting theme, user-defined Widgets, softkeys, user-defined background, font and color, user-defined style sheets, user interfaces.

Many functions and an simple way to adapt your site in different style and shapes, free of charge! Layer's is a theme builder with a contemporary look that is designed to provide the ultimate, uncomplicated computing experience. What's more, Layer's theme builder is a great and simple way to create a theme that is fun to use. You can do almost anything directly from your WordPress desktop with this theme.

Characteristics: fast response designs, unprecedented and predefined layout, WooCommerce integrated, vibrant type, flexibility of mesh layout, drag-and-drop widgets. and more. This is a multi-purpose theme with versatile layout and demo options that can be used for almost anything. Visually build pages to add new style and personalization to your website.

Easily drag-and-drop to fit, Poofo offers a wide range of corporate desing ideas. Featuring: Parametric and visual wallpapers, visual orientated product line layout, over 150 prefabricated items and 200 patterns, one-sided finish, many typographic and colour choices, various demonstrations for different uses, WooCommerce capable (minimal themes included), drag-and-drop page creator.

Fully customizable theme that lets you adjust everything with ease. Small is a blogs theme and has an sleek and clear allure. Page Builder lets you build your own layout, customise your own Widgets and customise the overall look of your website. Functions: fully reactive, mail format for default, state, offer and picture, integrated e-commerce styling, integrated Bulider layout engine, Gravity Forms styling, integrated layout, alternative modular styling.

An easy and neatly designed that can be used for any use. Comes with an enhanced drag-and-drop builder that lets you customize your website. His minimalistic style can hardly await to be adapted to your tastes. Functions: fast response time, slide selection, flexible layouts, drag-and-drop page builder, SEO-enabled, integrated multimedia items, user-defined preferences, back-up-planning.

Totally customizable frontend and backend visually builder designs that let you change everything with just a few simple mouse clicks. What makes this a very powerful tool? It is a theme for on-line magazine with a contemporary, fun look and an easy-to-use user surface. It has a clear theme and its contents are well organized to be available to everyone, so it is not necessary to invest a great deal in the site to find what you are looking for.

Using this virtual builder, you can make any changes immediately, without having to go to the Customizing. Key features: fast-reacting designs, different style, page titles and layout, integrated reviewsystem, gooey head- and sidebars, picture filter, several advertising space, SEO-enabled, WooCommerce integrated, visually composed. Stylish and contemporary magazine and web site designs.

There is a sleek and cheerful styling, comes with colourful speakers, pubs and type. All in all a feature-rich topic. Functions: fully reactive, rating and review, mail and page builder, categorybuilder, WooCommerce integrator, multi-playout, great portfolio, fully customized, user-defined Widgets, many mail and page styles. The Agencia is a free, contemporary and fun free designer, mainly for creative people, with great colour scheme, one-page lay-out and drag-and-drop capabilities.

This theme is ideal for portfolio and great web sites. Anything can be customized directly from the frontend as it comes with the OnePager plug-in builder. Feature: fast reacting lay-out, ready-made style with different colour scheme, different Layouts, OnePager Drag-and-Drop Plugin Builder, optimised for performance, SEO-friendly, translatable. It is a topic that is tailor-made for playwrights, novelists and self-employed professionals.

It focuses on the presentation of your own private label and gives you the tool to make your website look as if it really does represent who you are and what you have to say. Homepage module are fully drag-and-drop configurable and can be activated, deactivated or customized according to your needs. Featured: unmatched homepage layout, three predefined layout, two headers layout, three blogs posting layout, drag-and-drop for homepage areas, fully reactive, fully functional, SEO-enabled, WooCommerce-enabled, 11 customized widgets, infinite colour choices.

In all these areas of excellence, it can be hard to choose just one. It must be your decision, according to what you are looking for in regards to styling, equipment and pricing. For example, from a pricing point of view, Divi may be the best option as it contains all Elegant Theme designs for only $69, but it really does depend on what functions you are looking for.

What drag-and-drop topics do you use? Sharing your favourite drag-and-drop design in the commentaries below!

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