Website Theme Creator

Web site Theme Creator

Build your website without programming with Create a personal branding website with Squarespace. Everything developed by the Layers team for use on your brand new website.

Generate your Joomla! template and your Joomla! theme.

Select the topic you want and change any elements you need to make your design. Creating some topics and patterns that are completely reactive and fluent. Width adapts to the width of the monitor and you can select how the module should run in the different resolution (aligned, among each other, hidden).

It is up to you to choose how your website is displayed. Apply a parallax effect, create a one-page browsing site, create a full width slide show and attach a Mega Menu to your page. Feel free to do whatever you want, adding any function to your templates to make your website really fun. Allows you to simply administer your column in the dedicated user area.

You can give it a width in percentage for each colum and the pattern will adjust to all conditions (1 colum, 2 colums, 3 columns). You can specify a width for each modul and the pattern will fit all scenarios concerning the moduls you have posted on your website.

Lots of preferences to define the look of each pad, but also some beautiful menu options and stunning shadowing. Or you can make your own default and use it by clicking on any of them. Select what you want to include in your design. When you need to do more and need to include some user-defined functionality to your submission, you can customize your own CSS rule, type user-defined PHP in your mind, even your own functionality for your own Worldpress theme.

You own the pattern and the theme and they are spelled as if you were working with your own palms. You can read the text easily and humanly like a handmade pattern or a theme. Re-use some Gabarit, modify the HTML block layouts with just a few mouse clicks, create an HTML block as created by your own manual, and more.

Would you like to design your own website design for your own website and configure it to suit your needs? Now you can easily customize the look and feel of your website by exporting and importing your own website pages.

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