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You can download it now and start something new. Port of the Ghost Arabica theme for Hugo. Download and enjoy the free theme directly from the official WordPress page. The ZIP file of the template and the design file can be downloaded here:. Create your own website with our Website Builder software.

"Sedna" one-page website template (HTML, sketch)

The Sedna is an sleek and multi-faceted one-page website submission that has been designed using the latest web technology and with a view to ease of reuse. Sketch files are available as a compliment. We are very pleased today to be sharing yet another highly reactive and advanced one-page website submission with you.

The Sedna is a meticulously designed HTML5 one-page website submission with some nice, sleek effect. Thanks to the elaborate designs, the templates can be used for many different scenes. We also offer a sketch of your designs as a free extra, so you can try them out and use them as a basis for your work.

This reactive form is created using the latest Web technology and includes the following components: You can download the pattern for free: Download the zipped version of the original and the drawing here: Please use it for free, but please do not publish or distribute the original again. Don't miss to visit Boxify and Halcyon Days, two more reactive and diverse one-page website submissions for you.

Reactive IDX Websites

Each line of our coding is designed with property market in mind, so you can concentrate on the growth of your company and not on the management of your website. State-of-the-art website designed specifically for property, with IDX, as well as advanced analytics, search engine optimization and online content management. It' all fully integrates so your whole site - your offerings included - can be the best on the web.

Begin adapting this theme now. Begin adapting this theme now. The Fremont theme is ideal for presenting your business, with a full width slide show at the top of the homepage and contacts that are easily found by your people. Fremont is also designed to encourage and motivate visitor action, with a popular subscription page, areas for blogs, videos and other contents.

Begin adapting this theme now. Its home page contains a slide show to present nice pictures, an e-mail login box to capture lead information, and a pop-up instant find feature to help users quickly find real estate. Begin adapting this theme now. Sedona's clear, straightforward styling makes it a versatile theme that can easily be personalised with your company's colours and brands.

Featuring a slide show to present pretty pictures, a fast find generget overlays and a call to trade that will encourage your visitor to get involved, start adapting this theme now. Toronto is built to get your traffic to interact instantly with your site, and has a celebrity head section with a fast find widget and a lead submission e-mail box.

Begin adapting this theme now.

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