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Create responsive websites in your browser, then host with us or export your code to any host. Kinds of websites Initially, web sites were only informative. Prior to the opening of the web to the general public, education and research establishments and authorities could provide each other with information via text-only web sites. With the World Wide Web now, there are more kinds of sites than you can rock with a cane.

This is where we will be discussing the basics and finding that we will not involve all of them and that there are mixed breeds of all those we will be discussing. These first three have very little to do with small businesses, so we will go through them quickly. These last three are indispensable for small businesses.

You can have your service provider provide you with free room on the servers so that you can build your own website, which can contain some of your own photographs and an on-line log. It is a kind of website useful for a host of people, such as families, teens, grand parents, etc., to keep in contact with each other. It is not recommended for a small company because the web site isn't suitable for searching engines and the restricted features your hosting provider offers may not be mature enough for a small company web site.

This kind of website appears like a flea on a canine. It could be easy to find over a hundred websites that provide free picture share services that are funded through their on-line advertisements. In addition, many DSLRs and printer devices are now equipped with programs that allow a mortal to make slideshows and post them on the Internet.

Authors' and writers' Web pages are part of the Writer's or Author's platform in publishers. There is a website, a Facebook site, a blogsite, a Twitter site and the old-fashioned mailinglist. At the moment we are concentrating on the website part. An authors' website would contain a bio, a catalogue of publicized works and volumes, perhaps extracts from some works, hyperlinks to publication on web pages such as, a hyperlink to the author's own web site, review and commentary on the author's work.

Those sites form on-line community of individuals who want to engage in social interaction with other individuals or who want to get together with individuals who are sharing their interests. Probably the best known website of this kind is Forums can be a great resource of information and help for the small businessman. I am sure that there is a bulletin board devoted to your kind of company.

You can now see that here we are starting to deal with the concept of "hybrid" webpages. Photosharing pages can also be seen as construction communities, like blogging pages. Could refer to online dining services as online communities, or are they e-commerce services? An issue is that default web pages are hard to see and rely on some of these units with their small screenseans and long lasting cordless links for downloading.

Web sites whose pages are smaller and use less bandwith work much better for portable equipment. There is a new name for the domains that has been introduced to help identifying sites that are "mobile friendly". So if you have a small company that would profit from being seen on a portable device, you should explore the possibilities now and get into the basement of this expanding trends only.

Folks took the words web logs and abbreviated them to blogsâ "online logs, magazines or tutorials, if you like. Someone who was previously obsolete when they had no website is now using a de rigeur blog. Blogs will be posted every day, every week, or whenever a user logs in and writes about what's going on in their life or company, or can add comments to policy and newscasts.

What is the importance of blogs for small businesses? Now, your small business may not want such a complete site, but if you have information to divide the sale, an informative website would fill the bill. Let's say you have a landscaper. They could build a website that would list crops with their definition and care and planting advice.

That would be useful for the humans, and you would use it to bring the humans to your day care center. Naturally you can hybridize this site with e-commerce and also yours selling your plant on-line. We can now throw out a big web and reach virtually billions of users with just one website. Your on-line booklet or catalogue allows you to show your website, photographs and product or service description to anyone looking for and finding it.

Some this may seem like an e-commerce website to some, but there are many shops that trade in goods or sevices that are not saleable over the webâ "think hairdresser, dental surgeon or daycare centre. It is one of the grandfathers of all e-commerce sites. You don't have to be Amazon to be able to resell your product on-line.

Many small companies use their e-commerce sites to market their goods over the web. An e-commerce website is right for you? Learn more about e-commerce sites.....

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