Websites Built on Wordpress

Web sites created with Wordpress

There are 8 incredible types of websites based on WordPress. WorldPress is so versatile that it opens up infinite opportunities for creative and trading. You can create almost anything on the web with the right mix of designs and plug-ins. Yes, with WordPress the heaven is the border. The Web App Meister is a recommender based on WordPress.

What is the best way to create such a website?

When you want to configurate a Netflix and Amazon Style referral engine for your e-commerce shop based on Woocommerce, you can buy and download one of the plug-ins below. You can buy and resell goods and provide service with e-commerce websites. J.hornig, a Austrian producer of high quality coffees, is based on WordPress.

What is the construction method? WordPress is the CMS of choice for nearly 23% of e-commerce websites among the Alexa Top 1 Million websites, according to You can find many plug-ins in the WordPress folder that allow you to easily create a shop -window front to your WordPress pages.

Whereocommerce and WP e-commerce are some of the most favorite plug-in options. Software as a Service (SaaS). Google Analytics and KISSMetrics, for example, are SaaS sites. They can even build a SaaS website with WordPress! It' a total solutions for the creation of leads generating form, which even allows you to keep tracking and splitting your idea to improve the recovery time.

No wonder OptinMonster is based on WordPress because it was created by Syed Balkhi and Thomas Griffin, who are well-known WordPress designers and developers. What is the best way to create a Saas website with WordPress? Creating a SaaS website is not that simple. But if you are serious about launching a SaaS website with WordPress, this guidebook will help you.

As soon as you have enough basic site you can think about setting up a board. Indeed, the creation of a board takes a great deal of work. When you' re about to set up a sound board, prepare to handle your spamming complains and threat management. And if you've been making websites for a while, you might have already hear that name - Mojo Themes.

The Mojo Themes supporting form is supported by WordPress. What is the best way to create WordPress fora? When you create a societal alcove net, it's not about building the next Facebook or Twitter. It' s about building a slot-comunity website equipped with fora, groups, action and more. Just like stand-alone fora, the Nischen-Sozialnetwork requires a massive amount of revenue to get started, because if the user doesn't see any action, they won't be busy with your website.

The Solo Practice University is a WordPress operated societal alliances practice focusing on creating an education and business communities for jurists and legal undergraduates. What is the construction method? The BuddyPress is a plug-in that allows you to create WordPress-based networks. Here you can find the plug-in. Following freelance locations, the online career exchange is the hot spot to list and find work.

Establishing a successfull jobs exchange does not only require large amounts of visitors, but also an authoritative role in your area. Explore WordPress plug-ins, topics and multisites on our website here at DevPMU. Your jobs exchange is supported by WordPress. And how do you create a jobs website with WordPress?

The WPB is a very adaptable and simple to use jobboard plug-in. More about the plug-in can be found here. Do you want to collect money for your next venture that you think will be "the next big thing" in your alcove? Now, with WordPress it is very simple to turn your website into a crowdfunding plattform.

The only thing you need to do is get a crowdfunding plug-in installed. What is the construction method? The Ignitiondeck is an all-in-one solutions for setting up crown-funding websites on WordPress. The best way to make cash on-line is to create information and information product offerings exclusive to your paying members of your website.

A business owner like Yaro Starak has earned more than a million bucks by building member websites. The Elma Studio is a great example of a WordPress-based member site. What is the construction method? Member 2 is a fully featured WordPress plug-in that lets you turn a WordPress site into a member site.

Only a few samples of the kinds of websites you can use WordPress for. Current statistics show that WordPress provides 25% of the world's websites and I expect the number to rise in the next few weeks. The above checklist is an inspirational one for you and me, so we can also think about creating more than just a blogs with WordPress.

I have selected some of the best items that will help you get more out of WordPress:

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