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How does a website look cool? If I want to create a new website with Divi, I look for inspiration from others. Create 18 cool websites with Divi Even though images, photographs and contents are the keys to presenting your trademark, there are other UX items (User Experience) that help a user navigate the site and find information and more. The Divi site has a broad set of UX thinking engines to help visitors experience the site.

As we know, Divi has already integrated these moduls into every topic: Let's take a look at some of the best pages built with Divi. Use several Divi cartridges to give this website a uniquely personal touch without much distraction. Courses page is very appealing and uses a hyper symbol to open the rocker switch with more information.

This is a neat, easy website that presents information with quiet colors and contents. A double filtering for a lawyer's choice is pretty intelligent, and each individual page of the profiles presents all the detail - even the planning, recording information and prices. Pages are typically designed so that the visitor can remain orientated, and the floating color changes in the tessellated pages refer to a similar tessellated representation of each work.

A homepage so chilly, neat and smart with features in a narrow tessellation of fuzziness that (down arrow) leads to another area on the homepage that, after you click on "Learn More", leads you to a page devoted to this topic. In addition, the hyperlink there leads you to a concrete example of the performance rendered.

A lot of smart adjustments to Divi-Module here. The site is not very appealing, but it does - almost too much - take full benefit of the one-sided concept by presenting external resources and resources to showcase its real talents with a wide range of resources. It' s bewildering in the center section, without a 1-2-3 move that matches the 1-2-3 bubbles.

Normally reserved for portable monitors, the Hamburg symbol uses a great pull-out meal that keeps the head clear so the logotype takes over. The website makes very good use of the one-sided approach to designing, using slide controls to display the information coherently. An extremely intricate one-page website, the round graphics will one day be linked to an external real estate website, and for now the home page menus, instead of partially scroll the home page, present instead a part of the (long) home page as a seperate page.

Whether it's a vibrant topic for a school or a special education effort, each page features a great heroic picture, graphical detail and a side bar with rich interactivity that takes the user further into the page. There is a very granular user surface, with an "automatic drop-down menu" and all the information for a full pupil recruitment.

As well as extended gallery space, this website on the subject of culinary designs provides ever more in-depth and in-depth information to give the visitor an idea of what it would be like to work with the culinary designers. Impressive blogs and repositories show many contributions and categorised cooking solution. Big fuzziness that turns from cover text to "more info", completed with a click on "Learn More".

The website makes good use of its information structure: the home page "above-the-fold" offers the website owner a website menus, two communications ports and the possibility of receiving an offer for the web site with just one click. Information about offers is not presented very organised, so the visitors feel somewhat disorientated (do we want WordPress? Do we want a free offer?), and circle with symbols are not a link to tell us more.

Divi is well presented here with the great Divi module features, but it is not clear to see the company's offers with the twisted UX streams. The website is presented in detail, with summaries, detail and even more detail, with a focus on geo-solutions for team, individual and individual employees. Every section uses slider controls and CTA (Call to Action) button to provide the user with more detail.

There is a large homepage with a homepage containing video clips and graphical link to artists' portraits. In addition, the home page is already a "hamburger" meal (3 lines), so the pop-up meal is easily accessible for users to browse more of the site than the home page.

Talented filtering Portfolios Promotional Filter are presented in an attractive way with an auto-play movie, tessellated mosaics and biographical charts, pop-up solid meta-leads, pop-up contacts and an equivalent mix of contacts, agents and journalists. This is a nice application of paraallax in videos and silence that presents a text overlays with a hyperlink to a page with a prestigious videogallery.

Donohue Tari is a Portland, Oregon, USA based marketing and design agency working mainly with wine estates, farmers and connoisseurs. It has created over 40 websites and has written four topics. Frequently, her photograph is shown on the websites she creates.

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