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Are you wondering what types of websites you can create with WordPress? The Tinkering Monkey is making wooden and metal signs that are built to last. Shocking WordPress Statistics 2018 WorldPress is a worldwide phenomena that has come a long way since the publication of the first edition in 2003. Today WordPress is the most dominating CMS on the web - with a good share of the total web content online business. It is difficult to believe the scale and reach of the effects WordPress has had on the web.

That' s why we have gathered some shock WordPress statistics to put the whole thing into context. Clearly this is not the case, because WordPress launched in 2003, and you know that machines haven't been around that long. It' difficult to say how many humans spent countless long hours creating the WordPress kernel, but that didn't stop Open Hub from trying.

WordPress has spent an estimated 112 person-years on the Open Hub calculator. That' 423,759 line of coded information with an estimate of over $6 million to finance a large one. Enterprises like W3Tech and Builtwith deliver useful web user reporting with large amounts of information.

W3techs says WordPress has 58. An additional graph provided by BuiltWith assigns WordPress 51% of the company's audience to the product. Whilst the numbers may differ according to the information gathered, one thing is certain - WordPress is the leading CMS on the Planet. Given that the overall number of websites actively running is over 172 million, according to a poll conducted by Nettcraft, this means that around 75,000,000 websites currently use WordPress - with around half of these websites (37,500,000) currently hosting on the hosted sharing facility.

That means that about 20% of all self-hosted websites use WordPress, which is still very extensive. That number is only for the latest release of WordPress, "Vaughn. "You can try the Downloads button to see how often the latest release has been loaded. Note that these are the number of downloads, not the number of WordPress sites that are in use.

Adding this number to the number of WordPress 30 earlier releases downloaded results in over 196 million deletes. Thanks to the sturdy user base, the WordPress plattform has developed into a well-oiled game. Municipal organizations organise WordCamps for people of all abilities. In 2016 alone, 65 of the WordCamps took place outside the USA.

You will find a meeting near you in the WordCamp schedule. Here are some new statistics from the slide show State of the Word 2016: 115 Wordcamps took place in 41 host states. The number of video releases rose 26.7%. With the WordPress Foundation making $4. 3 million in income, up from $2. 8 million the year before.

One of the greatest things that distinguishes WordPress from other plattforms is the fact that it is available in so many different nationalities. WordPress Polyglots staff is in charge of WordPress localization - including the WordPress kernel, plug-ins and topics. The WordPress site has translation for over 160 different tongues, but only 65 are complete.

WordPress's latest release (4.7) is in 52 different tongues, including the 12 most widely used tongues in the world: Polyglots' staff is constantly expanding and the outlook is good for the WordPress translations into all the world's major tongues. The WordPress application makes it simple to convert a website into another programming interface.

Currently, the German speaking WordPress is at the top of the league with 71% of WordPress blog posts. Several of the world's most succesful businesses favor WordPress as their CMS, including: Some of the Fortune 500 organizations based on WordPress. WordPress is like a flow in a permanent state of movement.

Watch this online chart of activities in to see your commentary, postings, and more in action. For a better understanding of how much information is viewed, posted, and maintained, take a look at these WordPress statistics. Find statistics about your submitted data, contributions, pages and more.

Is WordPress able to use it? WordPress processes an immense amount of data every single working day. What is the best way to do this? In 2016, the world''s most singular one-day page impressions on a WordPress site set a 187 million mark high! also has an Alexas website rankings of 39 globally.

Communications is the cradle of the web, and WordPress user are a thrifty heap. User remain 60 years old. Much is read and written about WordPress. WordPress is one of the biggest open resource programs in the word and has a large number of contributors. WordPress's development staff has contributed over 70 engineers to the WordPress kernel, which contains over 430,000 words of coding.

The 2004 survey clearly shows that WordPress-related catchwords have a higher ranking in query engines than competing products such as Drupal, Blogger and Sharepoint. When you want to attract attention, use WordPress. WorldPress is able to resolve many of the issues facing companies on-line.

It is certain that serious WordPress skill can lead to a profitable carreerchance. According to Mark Jaquith, a WordPress kernel user, a WordPress programmer can earn between $30 and $200 per hour. However, the price of a WordPress programmer can be as high as $1,000 per year. A number of WordPress pro job opportunities are available, among them: In order to get an impression of what WordPress service users are asking for, you can go to the WordPress section of the Envato market or the WordPress professionals at Upwork.

These free topics can be found in the WordPress Topics List. WorldPress makes things simple because it automatizes many annoying web-publishing related workflows. Famous 5-minute installation allows almost anyone to start a WordPress page with just a few mouse clicks to the horror of idle developer everywhere.

Plug-ins enhance the WordPress kernel functions. Please find your approved plugin in the WordPress Plugin Directory. This are only the plugs. WooCommerce, the most widely-used e-commerce application for WordPress, is currently running on 1. Builtwith says WooCommerce has a 10% stake in the e-commerce technmarket.

The Jetpack is an indispensable WordPress plug-in with many functions. The free plug-in can help you perform a wide range of activities including visibility, inclusion, backup, safety and more. Last year alone Jetpack was helping WordPress users: Acismet will protect your comments area from spammers, bot and any malicious messages on the web.

Akismet has also successfully avoided 23 billion rogue violence assaults with over 1 million installations. WorldPress has only 532 staff (including 12 persons with the name Michael) distributed over 51 different nationalities. If WordPress can manage 175 million uniquely qualified viewers with only a small percentage of the staff that other large Web businesses have, it must do something right.

WordPress can certainly have something to do with being such a large open code program and with its staff being 100% distant. WordPress is one of the most appealing features of the WordPress application and the liberty it offers the users. The WordPress program encourages free expression and the ability to use, change and redistribute the WordPress program at will. works diligently to aggressively assert legit copyrights while addressing those that suppress creative or free expressions. There were 21,052 DMCA acceptance notifications between 1 January 2014 and 30 June 2016. Part or all of the contents have been deleted from 60% of these sites.

In its Transparency Review, WordPress has put together a brief listing of prohibited appropriation requests. Click here for a summary. WordPress 361 receives information inquiries from government and criminal justice authorities from 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2016. From the 499 specified locations, WordPress published information about 35% of it. With such problems WordPress seems to be much more transparant than other cms.

Those scandalous statistics are proof of the effect this publication has had on web defaults, ease of use and the web at large. In the last ten years WordPress has been spreading like wildfire with a growing comunity. You know any other astounding statistics we haven't mentioned?

Further instructions, exercises and info graphics are available for WordPress: The WordPress host is free, but there are good reason why you might want to have it. Securing your WordPress blog: Find out how to keep your website secure for the days when things go south. What is the size of the WordPress Economies?: The WordPress Economies are much bigger and more diverse than you might think.

Have a look at our info graphic, How to speed up WordPress.

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