Websites Created using Wix

Sites created with Wix

eCommerce Examples | Online Shops by The Wix has its own eCommerce system that allows you to create a nice, customisable shop for your Wix website. The Wix eCommerce is very flexible: it can support various types of payments such as PayPal and Webmoney, allows you to export your whole shop on Facebook and allows you to use various eCommerce related apps such as Gift Cards, Sellfy (an application that allows you to buy downloads) and much more.

The Wix store is part of the Wix''eCommerce' and'VIP' packages ($16. 50% - $24. 50%; annual billing). In addition to ratings, there is another great way to see and really feel how Wix eCommerce works - check out Wix eCommerce samples. Founded in 2009, is a Tel-Aviv-based creative agency that focuses on the development of historical toy, print and T-shirt designs.

It is the primary aim of the studios to provide stylish, contemporary presents that will take Israel and Jews to a new age. Technically, the designs use the classic monochrome colouring, which conveys an illusion of minimumism and sophistication. Given the fact that there is no such thing as a reactive look, it can cause some difficulty for portable people. uk is an on-line interior and gift article on-line on-line on-line service, which is created and pursued by Holly Stott. Sides of the stores make wise use of many areas of blank space so that guests can focus on the goods and objects rather than on the decorative features. Bû is the on-line on-line on-line on-line business, which arouses from the first instant the interest of the users.

Web site designing is quite easy and comprehensible. This last section merits personal interest as it provides photographs of the most important stages of the butchery production chain. Bright and comfortable, the site's colour schemes feature high-quality colour photographs that stand out clearly from the generous blank backdrop. is the webshop for vintage-inspired timepieces with ancient designs. This website makes a nice visual impact and invites the users to look up what it has to say in the catalog. The bright range of colours, the predominance of whites that create the ambience of room and convenience, the minimum use of text and the wealth of high-quality photographs of clocks that talk more loudly than words give the site a classy, charming and modern look.

We offer the finest timepieces directly on our homepage, while the "View Full Collection" link takes you to the catalog of timepieces available for purchase. For those who wish to get in contact with the webshop staff, you can use the online shop via our online shop interface or the online shop online helpdesk.

There is an optional feature that allows you to subscribe to the mailinglist and receive the requested information in a timely manner if you would like to be kept up to date with new catalog or store update information. This is a successfull example of a Wix-based eCommerce website! The website can be a great example of how you can create your eCommerce website with Wix.

One of the first things that attracts our interest is the creative top meal, which is visualised in the shape of dishtowels that have been cleaned and suspended from the drying line. is a Wix-based eCommerce website created and operated by Tanya Hamersfeld, who comes from a jewellery line.

This website's website is designed to reflect the quintessence and missions of i?s - the sale of modern jewelry with a fun touch. As every jewel exhibited in the e-boutique is luxury and exclusively, every page of the website presents itself in a fashionable and classy style. The general colour palette in monochrome is masterly designed to highlight the beautiful colourful pictures of jewelry from the Bensimon series.

Featuring a full pop-up popup at the top of the home page, an informational contact section, an embedded on-line shop, a community network wideget, and the ability to search the site by selecting one of the available language options, this tool stands out from the mass! Amoodz. com is an eCommerce website that has been designed by Wix.

This website was created with the aim of capturing the latest web site designs and current web site trend. There is everything a user needs to look forward to, browse the site further and select one of the most exquisite and luxury jewelry items a user needs. This website looks quite simply designed, but at the same times elegantly and stylishly.

This website is written in French, so it is not really comfortable for an English-speaking user to use it. However, this does not stop the user from rating the website's jewellery line, which is equipped with high-quality photographs and video demonstrating its exquisite features. This is a good example of an eCommerce website! is an on-line store based in New Orleans, which was created on the base of the Wix website creator. On the website you will find a selection of exklusive pierced ears, neckbands and wristbands. This e-commerce website is designed in line with the e-commerce shop's own concepts and message and has an attractive, somewhat agressive, but attention-grabbing look.

On the tan home page, there are high-quality photographs demonstrating the aesthetic appeal and genuineness of the products on offer, and the Shop Now icon stimulates visitors to continue visiting the site. Elegant and neat, this is one of the best example websites on the site listing. is an on-line store where you can buy the bathing suit you have been looking for for years. Established by parent and subsidiary Jennifer and Morgan Keitt, is a business committed to delivering superior value solutions for woman that make their lives easier and richer. Even though a black-and-white colour palette seems overloaded, it seems perfectly suited for LeFaye productions.

Abstract: If you had the opportunity to following the link and take a close look at the sample pages presented above, you should have a good understanding of the wide variety of opportunities Wix has to offer. Creative opportunities are truly infinite and any pattern can be altered beyond recognition. Even the most complex of designs can be created with a single click.

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