Websites Created with Squarespace

Sites created with Squarespace

The Squarespace is a tool for creating websites in one step. It' all available online and allows you to create your own functional website from scratch. Top 10 Squarespace Sites Squarespace a little about first for those who don't know! The Squarespace is a web-based site that allows you to "simply" build a nice website, a blogsite, a web site and/or even a complete e-commerce shop. It' s rapidly becoming a market-leading company in the sector, and competes with such as WordPress, Wix and others thanks to its user-friendly and easy-to-use website that allows you to build nice Squarespace websites at reasonable prices.

They also seem to be trying to get further into e-commerce with their latest updates, which allow you to directly bring in all your Shopify or Big Cartel related items. The frontend of com is actually made with Squarespace. Squarespace's websites are now all fast moving, so you no longer have to bother about having to build for different equipment and different display screens, but simply concentrate on making a nice website.

Have a look at the Squarespace samples below, also known as the most stunning Squarespace websites - remember, they are in no particular order. The KISS (Keep it easy stupid) is the brainchild behind Fotio's easy and nice Squarespace website. This website knows how to be neat and tidy and puts your products in the limelight. Cornell Crème's big backgrounds, style ful type, pro pictures and colour range make it difficult to believe that this website will run on Squarespace, but that's it!

It shows how even e-commerce websites can look nice and run correctly on Squarespace. Look at both your homepage and the store page to really get inspiration if you are considering starting a basic e-commerce website. Squarespace was used by Egg Store to create a website for their NYC cafeteria. When someone knows how to create a product, it's Andrew Gibbs, a packing manufacturer. is his spiritual offspring and offers the best packaging styles in the worl, all from a nice Squarespace website. The BigHuman is a well-known designer and developer located in New York. You have a plain but colourful folder look with which you can show your best work right after landing on the homepage.

You use Squarespace also in a nice way for your blogs. Its look and feel makes it incredibly neat and easy, even if there is a lot of information about it. This shows the strength of the good designs, already searching the website makes me curious to find out more about the products.

It' amazing to see that even a website with a lot of contents like this can look so beautiful and run so smooth with Squarespace. Maravillas uses Squarespace to present her work as an performer and traveller. She uses a unique typeface for her logotype, and the way her artwork fits into her work makes this minimalistic Squarespace website a home run for style.

Show what you can do with a little creative power. Larger enterprises also use Squarespace! Here is Uber's newest product, UberEats, which uses Squarespace for its App-Lander. This is a nice & cute website with different background/slider pictures and a high definition mouseup of the application that runs on an iPhone. The Indian Gardens looks like it's using the Marquee Squarespace submission with some adjustments.

This is a one-page website with soft scroll ability and a colourful design that loves to present its menus directly on the homepage. Hopefully you have enjoy our brief review of 10 of the best Squarespace websites. We will publish more about nice Squarespace websites and would be happy to present your or your proposals when they make the edit.

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