Websites Created with Wix

Sites created with Wix

Cuts & Bruises hairdresser uses Wix to create a design that fits his creative and unusual brand. Over 40 stunning samples of real-life websites with Wix

After an earlier article in which we likened Wix to WordPress, we thought it might be particularly revealing to take a look at some real-world websites that actually use Wix. So if you want to see some sample lives of what Wix can do - or maybe you're just looking for some inspirational ideas to transfer to one of your own pages/projects - here's a compilation of totally nice websites that run on this ever more ever loved site!

Do you need more inspirations? Do you know any other beautiful sites that use Wix? Fundamentals, Design, Design, Design.

30 impressive sample websites based on the Wix Platform 2018

Wix allows almost anyone to design a website to their taste without using any coding. The Wix is a cloud-based free website building tool that allows you to easily design websites using a single click and drop builders. Simply select a style from the 500 available styles, modify them as you like, adding pictures, text, videos and you have your own website.

So what do you get with Wix? Domain, safe web host, copy and paste builders, mobile phone scalability, gallery, extensive picture library, 24/7 help and much more. Search for extra functionality in over 200 applications to help you do much more things, such as make contacts, do a timed down count for an upcoming meeting, or make a booking or fill in a weblog.

This is where you can expand your businesses with advanced features such as advanced search, e-mailing, contacts, subscription and membership. User-defined Domainname. Picture editing program to edit pictures. Wallpaper clips, from a free library, or anything else you want to up-load. Apply and move your text or movie clips.

Easily customize your sound and videos. HTML can be created and embedded in the text box to provide any functionality you want to the site. Email, location analysis, site wizard, contact manager - all this helps you when you're in your office. Get help, videos, tutorials, knowledgebase and telephone help - if you get bogged down anywhere.

I' ve been surfing the web to take a look - look at websites that use Wix and have selected a few that you can take a look at. They will give you a clear picture of what Wix can do for you, and maybe some hints that you can use to create your website.

In order to run a full-fledged company, you need to link your new created Wix site to a single domainname and keep your website ad-free, it costs you $12.95 per months. However, if you have the feeling that the Website Builders Wix is really valuable (or feels so after looking at a few Wix sites), then Wix is a great choice and possibly the best for you!

You can also access your videos from the homepage. At Riot House we sell Rock'n'Roll albums and a variety of musical related accessoires. They teach ecology, and the happenings and actions of the schools are recorded in about a hundred descriptive pictures on the experience page of their website.

This website offers Box contents that arrange pictures, video and text in a flowery rosebackdrop. Donuts, more donuts and more donuts. Covered with candy, iced or sprinkled with butter, everything on Doughnuttery's menue, combines with a wide range of diving essences. Pictures of donuts occupy most of the place on the homepage and will surely fascinate the visitors.

Photographs and video clips on the homepage can inspire a user to take the first steps towards becoming fit. In Melbourne they are the contacts for the planning and precision dismantling of buildings. On her exemplary Wix website, the photos help visitors get an insight into the kind of work they are doing.

The example Wix website uses sound and videos to give an impression of her work, and from the denselypacked images you can get a feeling for the high visibility of her work. The Eiger jewelry shop attracts designer from various sectors such as industrial, furnishing, graphics, interior and sculpture to create jewelry.

Wix powered's website offers an interesting selection of jewelry items, all based on the different designs of these professionals. Plain whiteness provides an excellent setting to emphasize and emphasize single items. Wix's website of this events designer and graphics company is easy and one of a kind.

While scrolling over a spotted backdrop, a scrolling tag, a portofolio area and a search engine make up almost the whole website. riffin Ford Property has used Wix as a learning environment to bring out the default functionality of this property. Valuable pictures are used to emphasize the qualities that would make life there perfect.

In doing so, she is relying on and seeking the help of societal mediac. SenseDevelopment is a basic website that offers web and graphical development as well as web and graphics development service and web development as well as web and graphics development plus web site and e-mail administration. This website uses subdued colours with a light tint in the pictures to give the feeling of a designer company.

This website gives the feeling of old book yellowing, perhaps to recall that yes is an old therapeutic one. This website of the Cupcake Wars second season winner is colourful and full of exhibitions of fountains, cups. Websites have whole chapters about biscuits and gifts.

She is an artistic designer of footwear and paint them in an inventive way. Well, now that you have a good understanding of Wix and have viewed some of the websites created with Wix, you may be willing to start your own business.

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