Websites made with Squarespace

Sites created with Squarespace

Your front website, Squarespace is a normal website created with your own builder. 20 beautiful websites with square shaped surfaces As much hype has walked around about Squarespace and how it has altered the way humans have created their websites. Once you've seen some of the websites they launch, you'll see why. Square Space has definitely taken websites to a whole new dimension, focusing on neat, high-quality images and stunningly flexible designs.

Squarespace offers what? With over 40 million high-quality imagery to chose from, Squarespace has teamed up with Getty images to provide only the best archive and edited imagery you can find. Or you can have your own personalised company emblem so you can give your company a distinctive look.

You can also have any number of e-mail addresses and get full Google Apps functionality with Squarespace. Square space is also available on your phone, so it's easy to keep your contents up to date even when you're on the move. With 24/7 user 24/7 technical assistance, Squarespace is the ideal place for novices to learn how to build their own website.

Squarespace definitely provides everything you need to create your website and maintain your contents, with in-page processing, drag-and-drop capabilities, countless selection guides and more. And all you need is $8 per months (annual billing) to launch your own website on Squarespace. At such a low cost, you can get automatic 20 page sharing with limitless bandwith and space.

In this way you can also incorporate e-commerce into your site so that you can resell a particular item and receive gifts through your website. And if you need much more than that, you can also choose a $16 per month Professional bundle that lets you ship up to 20 items, or a $24 per month Business bundle that lets you ship an infinite number of items with real-time media delivery and print labels.

When you see how much value is invested in each and every bundle, Squarespace keeps its promises to provide you with the best value for your return on your money. Below are some square room websites that are proving that this is indeed an investment that you are smart to make:

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