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Sample page archives - Mojo for small business sites Australian company African Drumming Company offers truly unique team building and spa programmes as well as other types of hands-on fun. When summer season returns here in the USA, we begin to see spring on the horizon. What a surprise! When the north-eastern part of the land begins to melt, you sense the enthusiasm about losing shifts in hibernation and actually taking your sweet moments to think about it.

Recently we introduced a dancing therapist, a nice arts shop and a fantastic icecream team! Therefore we thought a good option for today's example page would be - the on-line homepage of Doctor Dancing - Today's childminder? Levetli Turk icecream. Managed by a pair who have fallen in love with Turkey's ancient icecream while travelling, this mom-and-pop icecream firm has chosen to take the traditions back home to New York City.

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The HTML5 format is a World Wide Web structured and presented Web programming idiom, a platform to facilitate innovations and promote the full Web experience. HTML5 ID system provides the optical terminology to clearly categorize and convey our joint effort. Many new syntactical functions have been added to HTML5.

This includes the items "Canvas", "Audio" and "Video" as well as the inclusion of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) contents (which replace the use of generically designed item tags) and MathML for arithmetic equations.

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Web does astonishingly good work by making it easier to create a good-looking, custom website through a fully browser-based user experience. Tooling that anyone can use. Easily drag-and-drop a website to create with a single click. Whether your website is commercial or private, our world-class capabilities will help you succeed.

Use our simple tool to ask the right question and accompany you every step of the way. Make sure they find you with our portable automatic update edition.

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