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Create 15 beautiful websites from 3 Wix templates All masterpieces begin with a touch of imagination and a touch of creativeness. At Wix, our designer team works around the clock to deliver the best website artwork to you. Every one is designed to incorporate the latest trends in designs and the most sophisticated add-ons to help you make your on-line visions come alive.

Our template is 100% adaptable from the possibility to create your own text, pictures, fonts and anything else you want to use. Whether you have a hotel, a guesthouse, an on-line jewellery store or a photo collection, we have everything under control. We' re pleased to present three breathtaking designs and 15 of our amazing members who have fully embraced them.

These cheerful eCommerce templates have a brightly colored pop that was created to attract you and keep you interested. Featuring funny animations and a brillant lay-out, this is perfect for a company that not only wants to attract attention, but also wants to leave a sustainable impact. However, moment - this beautiful piece of art does not only have to be used for an on-line store, our customers have taken over this overview and made it something special.

Below are some instances of how this submission can be used, from goods and service to bridal websites. Every one of the following stunners shows how folks can customize the formats to work best for them - and of course how gifted our endusers are! That' s why we designed this stylish artwork so you can present your pictures in full width in a stunning photo album.

But that' not all - this is a very intuitive navigation tool that makes it easier for customers to get to know the artist, explore their portfolios, make contact and even reserve a meeting with Wix Bookings. A few quick mouse clicks are all it takes to make this pattern any shape you want.

No matter whether you specialize in air photo like Stratus Airial or contemporary home imaging in Mexico like Selva Tulum, your pretty pictures will get the full limelight they merit. This is where this pattern comes in. Includes the most popular web styling themes such as pallax scanning and numerous picture galeries so you can present all your work in a nice way.

The things they did with this kind of styling made us dumbfounded - in a good way, of course. Ranging from portfolio to joint development, they have built a very interesting diversity of websites. Don't let the categories of a Template stop you. Build a website today with Wix!

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