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Sites that

Thirty websites that will make you incredibly smarter. -online. Rather than following challenging news stories and strange old gimmicks, why not stay on websites that make you smart in your lives, smart in your businesses, and wise in your leaders? These are 30 of the best pages for your career and your own growth. Study as an independent person or join your own group.

" The TED Talks is a compilation of videos in the shape of brief, forceful lectures on any topic you can think of (18 min or less). We have interesting contributions from the arts, sciences, design, histories and philosophies. At Lynda, we have tens of thousand of video-tutorials on technical, creativity and commercial abilities, all delivered by professionals in the field.

Learningist is a collaboration knowledge-sharing website where learners build and cure "learning boards" of text, pictures, text, video content and sound. At Alison, we offer free on-line training sessions with certificate and degree choices. The Mental Floss will test your wisdom through a quiz, mental exercises and game. Inspired by the latest in technology, you' ll find a huge collection of fun and educational films on subjects such as science, biology, physics as well as historical research.

peer 2 is an open educational venture in which students come together in easily organised groups that come together in open spaces such as community library and other places. EdX, a joint Harvard University and MIT collaboration, offers free on-line language learning from the best colleges and institutes in the globe. The OpenSesame platform is a market place for business-oriented on-line trainings.

Udacity offers free on-line training sessions that will help you start your own life with our self-service training program to help you make a difference in your professional life or take on a new position. The Coursmos is a microcourse plattform with brief videos on subjects covering everything from businesses to lifestyles. Highhbrow lets you select a course and receives new information every day.

Supershort lesson will be shipped to your mailbox. Learning, growing, repeating .... in all subjects: arts, healthcare, history, literary, logical, nature, philosophical, productive. University webinars and blended learning videos are used by top faculties, employees and specialists in their fields to communicate their expertise from their classes and programmes aimed at university teachers.

The DataCamp is the best way to study computer sciences and information sciences. Conveniently study in your own webbrowser about tutorials and programming tasks. There is a one-month or one-year charge for accessing all our programs. CreativeLive offers free on-line lessons delivered by the most inspirational teachers in the planet. Select from a variety of videoworkshops in the areas of Photography, Videos, Design, Corporate, Sound, Music, Handicrafts and Computer-tools.

The Investopedia is a premier investment and financial training, marketing research and trade simulator resources. The Gibbon is a peer-to-peer educational networking system that links together people who want to educate each other and know everything about each other. A company-wide information platform for staff training and further training, as well as individual training sessions are also available.

The Project Gutenberg is a free electronic book collection of more than 50,000 e-books that can be viewed or downloaded on-line. The Udemy is an on-line educational platform with unlimited diversity: more than 30,000 training sessions designed by professionals. Everyone can attend an on-line lesson, view videos, build a project and even start teaching a lesson.

What websites do you go to that make you more intelligent?

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