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Fitness and exercise page created as a single page using a nice parallax effect between sections. Many new features, such as Wix Code and the AI tool Wix ADI, are designed to help you create a better website with less effort. Wix Website Builder is a simplified way to create a website. I have put together several real websites that were created with Wix.

Twenty-five stunning examples of websites with the Wix Platform 2018

With one of the nice WIX patterns and some fat on your elbows you can create something really exciting. As many of us have seen WIX adverts on TV, it is in our heads as one of the first places to look around when designing a website.

Therefore we have compiled a sample listing of WIX websites. That way you can come back to see what other publishers have done with exactly the same utilities you use. Cuts & Bruises hairdresser uses Wix to produce a look that matches his own distinctive and original name.

On the homepage the emblem is shown as a heroic picture, including two round Call to action buttons. When a new user enters the site, the basket's web page uses its own colour, which makes it immediately apparent. Seven Gramm Caffe's website is one of our most popular café and restaurant offerings as it offers a breathtaking full screen explanation of what the café is all about.

It is an on-site design with test stories, softwares, community menus and picture gallery on a one page site. Good Feeling Goods website has a complete on-line store with a purse symbol in the top right area. The number of items in the basket is displayed so that the customer can click on them at any time.

Visit the Leandro Pedretti website if you are interested in creating an on-line site with a nice inventory. Headers have a complete movie and overlaid softwares, and service colors are displayed in column with symbols. Our liking for the product range is that each miniature is organised in a raster and the user clicks on it for more information.

A perfect eye-catcher for those interested in antique and vintage-watchers.

Others pages on the site also use divided displays, bright colours, and a permanent headline containing the company name, menus, and a trolley. It uses a prominent call for actions and a full picture to attract immediate interest. This website shows the functions of the application with nice motion graphics.

Though it may look like a one-page website at first, when you click the icons in different areas of the home page, they lead you to inside pages that use the same visible features as the home page: vivid color, fat type, and asymmetric layout. This homepage presents nice pictures and an eye-catching slide control in full width.

There is also a fantastic recipes library in Aqua LifeSleep, which presents grocery photographs in an easy-to-use picture frame, supplemented by an easy-to-use filter system. Fabriz Becs is a freestyle footballer, and he does a marvelous job of imagining himself with a big picture. If you go a little to the homepage, you will see a large movie that is played as one of the module's screens. Besides more movies below and tonnes of pictures, this is a great example of how you can get really hands-on with your product range.

Knot Studios' French website had everything from elegant to colour, with a breathtaking slide show straight from the start to a few quotations at the end to get audiences excited about the outfit. At the top of the website are the CSR icons, and the folder is organized so that information about the photographs is displayed directly below the miniature views.

This homepage uses a vertical centred theme. It uses a grid-based, minimalist style that focuses on photographs of the products. You can only see your products and pricing when you click on a picture, which is a great way to attract customers' interest. Tiermusik is one of the more impressing examples when you consider that the whole portofolio occupies most of the place on the homepage.

What we like is the fact that the html button is on the wrong side so folks can always track you. Most of the topic is populated with blank fields to keep track of the contents, while the products pages provide drop-down lists to explain material, specification and return shipments.

Here we have a full project pipeline. It' a good example of what you can do with WIX when you have to add tens or even hundred of elements to a single asset at once. At the bottom of the page, the feedback page is quite striking as it contains a picture of the article, information about it and a personal feedback page.

Headers are a bit fashionable, and they have a blank backdrop to place the headers over them. In our opinion all of our restaurant should have a menue with pictures and prices. With Wix, TGIM has also developed an excellent product range, which you can find under the heading "Work". Portfolios are organised in a classy picture frame that will help the visitor to find the object that might interest them.

It not only has clear contours and nice slide control images, but the shop is presented on the homepage so folks can quickly try out the different style of available bicycles. There are some socially minded badges in there, but the primary reasons why we like them is that images and text alternate throughout the homepage.

The Belly. be marque needs a strong visual identity as a 3-D visualisation tool that presents its work to the visitor in an appealing and exciting way. You will find a full width slide control with very high resolution photographs of the studio's product on the homepage. You can see a solid horizontal bar graph as you click through the page.

It is this style approach that has positioned the franchise as an authoritative player in the visualisation world. It uses a neat blank backdrop and almost no ornamental element to draw visitors' eye to their photographic work. Wix's portofolio page uses an elegantly designed light box galery. In this way, navigating between different photographs becomes a much more intuitively minded viewing pleasure.

Here is a fighting art shop that contains socially minded badges and a nice picture at the top of the website. Campaigns are displayed with this picture, and you can even find a pushbutton that encourages everyone to join now. Brown Owl Creative web designer used Wix to create a metro-style webpage.

Metro grids make intensive use of animations that give the designs dynamics and a feeling of motion. Others use the raster layouts to present the work of the studios. At first this may be a surprise, but para-laxe is actually an outstanding replacement for the motion picture raster, as both produce a feeling of motion on the side.

Behind the scenes, the booklets give you a sense of their brands, while the online search engines are placed in a beautiful place to attract more fans. There are only three keys in the navigation mode. You can go to the portfolios, the contacts or the homepage. Actually, the product range can also be found on the homepage, so that the user should have no problem reaching it.

When you want to divide your WIX website look, you can enter a line in the comment below.

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