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The WebSTAR was a web serving software for the classical Mac OS. Supporting the Shared Gate Interfaces (CGI) and its own AppleEvents-based W*API for plug-in connectivity, it also supports SSL and similar technology used in most early web services. Contrary to most contemporary WebSTARs, WebSTAR was very Mac-like in install and maintain and used a number of AppleEvents-based MacOS applications for most jobs.

The WebSTAR was also part of Apple's Net Servers Solution, a suite of Net Serversoftware and certain PowerMac machine types. WebSTAR's favorite application was combining it with FileMaker to create basic database-driven webapps. MacHTTP, which was published as partware by Chuck Shotton in 1993.

In 1995 BrainNine licenced MakHTTP and published the strongly improved WebSTAR. Soon after Quarterdeck Office Systems was launched, they bought QuarterNine, and in addition to many WebSTAR upgrade releases, they launched Quarterdeck Mail for the Mac and a lesser-known Microsoft Windows copy of WebSTAR that quickly vanished. In 1998 Quarterdeck divested its whole business of SterNine to a parent carrier, which in turn divested it to ACI in 2000.

In 2001, they published a carbon release for Mac OS-X that provides the possibility to run Unix-based CGIs directly. "StartNine delivers WebSTAR". "The Chuck Shotton Resurrecting MacHTTP." "The WebSTAR V is shipped for Mac OS X". "The WebStar Server 4.0 Suite." "Cerio buys WebSTAR line from 4D." "The Quarterdeck shows a Macintosh Internet Software suite."

"The WebStar for Macintosh." "The Quarterdeck is selling StarNine."

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