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Set up email on Android phones and spreadsheets Read the following to set up your e-mail on an Android telephone or tray. While your email application and your telephone screen may differ slightly from what you see here, the following incoming and outgoing server information is the same....

. Find the email application in your application tray and touch to open it.

Select the options under " Other " or " Other " to create your new email accounts with your mobile device. Type the email to which you want to subscribe and the login information for the email and click Next. Type your full email adress and your passwort in the User name and Passwort boxes.

Type 993 for the gate settings. Type 465 for the gate settings. Type your full email adress and your passwort in the User name and Passwort boxes. As soon as you are done, click on Done With Accounts and then you should be able to email and retrieve with your new emailadress. Grab a good-looking email that matches your customized domains.

Set up email on iPhone and iPad

Read the following instructions to setup your e-mail on an IOS enabled mobile phone, such as an iPhone or iPad..... Touch the Preferences application on the home page of your machine to view the preferences. Ensure that IMAP is checked, and then type the inbox and outbox server mail.b.hostedemail.com as shown in the following figure, and then click Next.

The username and passphrase you type for the Inbox and Outbox servers is the full e-mail addresses and passphrases for the mailbox itself. Now you can email and recieve emails from your mail application on your iPhone or iPad. Please click here to email us or call us at 1-800-805-0920 for further assistance.

This is how you set up a "Subscription" e-mail from.

The email platform provides you with a fully featured email marketer that allows you to easily subscribe at any point. They can either be added by hand or they can be added via a registration page on your website. In order to begin using this great function and gain customers today, use the following movie and the following simple step.....

In your email marketing platform's application pane on your email marketing platform's email dashboard, click to administer your email subscription. When not already checked, click the Mail Lists tabs in the side bar on the right. Allows you to insert, modify or remove the email lists you want to receive. On the Form Settings page, select the e-mail list to which you want to attach your subscribers by choosing it from the Mailing List drop-down list.

As soon as the completed and added to the page forms, please remember to remember your changes and test the forms by completing them with your own name and email adress. Notice: A verification email will be sent to the specified email adress. Click on this verification button to add the leads to your email list.

Once you have completed and validated the registration process, reopen the email marketing platform and click the Eye symbol to see the relevant lists. To move or change this new contacts to another group, click the pencil in the Actions columns, then select the list(s) to which you want to add/remove the contacts by selecting or deselecting the appropriate check boxes and then click the Send buttons.

Please click here to email us or call us at 1-800-805-0920 for further assistance.

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