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Contacts have an option to 'Add To Mailing List', which integrates with the Webstarts email marketing service (see screenshot). Check out our review of WebStarts to see if it's right for you. If you are having problems with the Webstarts.com website today, check whether the WebStarts server is up or down for everyone or just for you. So frustrated with Webstarts, I sent an email asking me to end my relationship with them.

What can I do to update my Webstarts email adress?

To your Webstarts accounts, you can include extra email accounts that can be used to login to your accounts. Begin by selecting the Settings page in your account's Dashboard. In the Subscribe e-mail information section, type your new e-mail address(es) in the New e-mail text field, and then click Add new e-mail. As a result, a verification email will be sent to the email you just added.

Then you will need to login to your email inbox and click on the verification button to validate your new email and include it as a second email to sign up for. It is also possible to change the email home of your contacts in the same section of your settings. Below Contacts e-mail information, type the new e-mail that you want to use as your contacts e-mail, and then click Update your contacts e-mail.

As a result, the e-mail that is used for your account is updated, e.g. for the transmission of call forwarding requests.

WebStart's review: Offering plenty of flexibility, but at what price?

To find the website builders that are right for your company, there are usually three main features that help keep the clear winner apart: pricing, usability, and customization. However, when it comes to building a website, there are three main features that can help you do this. The WebStarts seems to be a new kind of website builder: a hybrids, if you like. WebStarts, headquartered in Brandon, Florida, was established in 2007 and can boast that it has been helping end-users to get over 3.

Although it's not as adaptable as a self-hosted WordPress site, and there may be plattforms that are simpler for beginners to administer, it does offer a pretty amazing amount of versatility and usability at a wide range of prices. Do you think that the complete range of WebStarts could well match the requirements of your company?

WebStarts, like many web site and site build solutions companies, works on a free trial base. Start-up is free (but limited), and there is a graded timetable with extra schedules that offer more advantages and functionality. Each of these schemes differs mainly in terms of hosted services and how much disk space and bandwith is available.

Find out what you need to know about WebStarts plans: On of the biggest disadvantages of cheap layouts is the absence of a user-defined top level domains. Her website is in the WebStarts sub-directory and looks like this: If you go up in the schedules, you will see that not only can you save a user-defined website domains, but you can also get user-defined email adresses.

Unfortunately, the free base map for individual users is delivered with a WebStarts ad. Even though the advertisements don't seem too annoying, it's not really perfect to allow your web host or web designer to show advertisements on your corporate website. Use any of the hundred WebStarts styles to begin your site design, and you can optimize this look by attaching, resizing, and rearranging items on this page.

Except when you create a website for your own personally identifiable needs and plan to make it accessible only to a few selected individuals, you will probably need premier commerce capabilities to get the most out of it. WebStarts best-of-breed Site builder maps contain a number of maps worth mentioning: Google, Bing and Yahoo! CDN site map filing for higher speeds and higher performances.

And one of the great features of working with WebStarts is how simple it is to start creating your new website. WebStarts provides useful starting point tool for the user, but it can be a labor-intensive learning environment the first day you work with it. WebStarts will bring you directly to the site within seconds of registration and ask you to select "Get Started".

Next thing you'll see is the WebStarts Template Galleries, classified by alcove or interest in a side bar menue that makes it relatively easy to scroll through hundred of available themes. Ranging from pets to homes to paranormal detectives (yes, this is really one of them), a multitude of category means that most people will find something suitable for their needs.

Though not necessarily state of the art, these designs are all quite appealing, with layout that is functionally and alchemically appropriate. You can also use the drag-and-drop editing tool to further enhance the look and feel of your website. Once you've found the artwork from which you want to create your website, you'll be taken to a 9-minute fun little movie that shows you exactly how to get going - where to sign in, how to create and modify your website, how to get around the users dashboard and accounts and more.

The best thing about WebStarts Site Builder is that it's drag-and-drop. The WebStarts provides much more creative controls for creating pages and managing menu items with its easy-to-use drag-and-drop user experience. Now, the Plug and Play Builders allow you to create your website with both single items and levels. A further point that should be mentioned about Website Builders is that the overall adaptation and versatility of this tools has a high cost.

Page styles are restricted (Home, About and Contact only), so you'll need to redesign every Web page from the ground up. If you are totally new to creating web sites, this could be awesome, but with a little exercise most people will be competent enough to do the work. The WebStarts site offers a few integrated features that help even the newest beginner to build an appealing, tidy website with little hassles.

Several of the more costly online businesses allow consumers to take full benefit of WebStarts' e-commerce features. The WebStarts e-commerce utility lets you select from a fistful of shop layout template, custom text and pictures, and a wide range of payments processing methods, such as Stripe and PayPal. The WebStarts support option is somewhat restricted, but sufficient to solve frequent problems that a new subscriber may experience.

WebStarts provides an extensive collection of useful documentations for the first help line, arranged by topics. With WebStarts you can use a utility named Traffic Booster to improve your ranking and increase traffic to your website. From Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. EST, customers will have phone coverage by WebStarts tech staff.

Questions regarding assistance should be answered within one and a half minutes. WebStarts ensures that outside of working time, clients have inquiries checked "frequently" and still get an answer, but not so quickly. However, it was offered that a sales rep contact by e-mail. Though WebStarts publishes its rates on a month -by-month basis, you should be aware that when you sign up you will have to spend a whole year.

So for some people who may have budgetary problems, it's something to be careful about before deciding on a roadmap. At WebStarts, we state on our Web site that you may terminate any of your subscribed programs at any convenient moment without incurring any extra charges or fines. As a hardcore do-it-yourselfer with no programming knowledge or expertise, you'll appreciate WebStarts' hands-on Web site creation style and the ability to customize the drag-and-dropilder.

You' re getting the best of both worlds: a site you've rebuilt from the ground up, but without the learn curve you' normally face when working with other Site builder solution.

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