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The WebStore - Installation and setup of the theme. The WebStore is the children's theme of MaxStore. The Chrome browser's great feature is the ability to customize its appearance by using designs. You can download and import themes in Sana Admin. The design is saved in the XML file.

The WebStore - Installation and set-up of the topic

When you want to make a shopping homepage that' s different from any other, first make the new page, insert the Home Page with Find Panel pattern, insert your own contents and store the page. To view the picture and seek bars, make the Featured Images page appear by saving, updating, or publishing the page.

Once the homepage has been created, you can set up your homepage contents. WooCommerce Short Codes plug-in can be installed to help you edit your shortcuts. A TinyMCE drop-down menu is provided with this plug-in, allowing you to use all WooCommerce shortcuts. Generate your own homepage contents. WooCommerce shortcuts can be used to insert a product, category, etc. product or category listing.

Use our demonstration homepage templates - at the bottom of this page just scrolling down, copy our demonstration template and past it into the contents of your homepage. When you switch from another topic and the pictures don't match, use the Regenerate Thumbnail plug-in. When you need more functions like infinite colours, Google scripts, more layout and shortcuts, read the PRO edition of this topic - MaxStore PRO.


Webstore designs start with your own designs. Using the themes editors, you can adjust your Webstore logos, favorites, fonts, colors and text sizes. It is also possible to modify the colour of the graphic items in the webstore. You can use the Topic Builder to define the overall appearance of your webstore without any HTML or CSS skills.

In Sana Admin, click to add new designs and administer your webstore design: Interior > Layout. In the Designs page, you can add Webstore themes. When you have a multi-store approach, the topic listing is divided with all available webstores. Each of the themes can be used on your webshop by activating it.

Read the Topics section and see the standard topic of the webstore and all its items that can be administered. Sana Admin allows you to upload and upload themes. You save a lookup within the resulting HTML document. Webstore themes can be added to the Webstore package so that they are part of the individual Webstore designs.

More information can be found under 'Design Packs'. Click on in Sana Admin: Einrichtung > Design reference > Load from layouts. You can see all user-defined storefront designs that are submitted with the theme packs on the Storefront layouts page. Shop Out is the default shop floor that is used to modify the overall appearance of the webstore.

Once a theme package has been deployed and contains the customized shop look and feel, it is available on the store layout page. You will see the name of the shop lay-out and the package that contains it, and you can enable the shop lay-out and use it on your web shop.

More information can be found under 'Design Packages'. When your webstore applies the customized shop design, you can continue to use page designs and webstore themes to control the look and feel of your webstore. Products lists page, products detail page, results page, and shopping cart page have multiple page laysouts with a pre-defined feature sets that can be modified per client group.

Click on in Sana Admin: Establishment > Design > Page laysouts. In the Page Types page, choose the page style for each page group ( B2C clients, B2C clients, B2C clients, sales representatives ) (product listing page, detailed page, search results page, shopping cart page). Use the following table to see an outline of the functions that are available/not available in each page style.

Designers can build a package that includes shop layout, page layout, and designs that can be submitted to Sana Admin. When you upload a Sana Admin package, the Sana Admin user-defined layout and designs become available and can be used on your web shop. In this way, you don't have to customise your Sana Webstore to make a unique, individual look.

Sana, a designer firm, partner or client can develop your own package. The webstore admin can simply submit a Sana Admin package and add user-defined layout and designs to the webstore. You will see the name of the package and its release, as well as its name, authorship, and descriptions when you submit a package.

The shop layout files you install with the package can be found on the Shop Layout page and are used for your web shop. The page layout files included with the theme package are displayed on the Page Layout per Client Types page and on the Products Lists and Products Detail pages. The designs you install with the theme package are displayed on the Themes page and are used in your Web shop.

The Sana Community provides a few packages that are available on the Sana Community website. See'Design' on the Sana Community for information on creating a theme pack. It is only available to Sana affiliates who have signed up.

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