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MOON - Premium Web Template for Creatives / Agency / Portfolio / Portfolio / Personal This is a nice and plain web templat for creative people / agencies / portfolios / personal / small business websites. You can use this form to build your website in a few moments. Set 5 landing presets with limitless possibilities for ease of use. Flexibility & clear overview of your portofolio / galery . Perfekt response & eye prepared (high resolution).

The top 10 most beloved web templates |

No matter if you are in blogs, your own portfolios or your own on-line shop, a great website layout is necessary if you want more traffic. Besides aesthetics, it must also be nice and simple to use, with a listing of the 10 most used WordPress themes from August 2017.

As the standard WordPress topic for 2014, this topic is specially tailored to the trends of the day and takes into account the three (3) trends in the industry: Responsive Design, Simple Design and Storytelling Design. You can create your own website with this topic in a few moments at a sensible cost.

There' a ton of ready-made demonstration layouts to select from, and if you feel inspired, you can include your preferred page creator, as most constructors are powered by the site as well. One of the Genesis Framework's children's themes, it is also the most commonly used children's topic. Like the name of the subject says, it's great for feed loggers, with its minimalistic and clear styling it's no wonder why so many want to use this submission for their website.

Although slightly more expensive than its competitors, the topic compensates for this with a wealth of functionality and a slim styling that can be used even by novice people. WoooFramework is what executes all topics of voocommerce, so to say the superordinate topic of it.

As Twenty Fourteen is the standard topic of 2014, Twenty Twelve is the standard topic of 2012, during the period when the need for reactive web templates was at an all-time high, as that topic was designed as such to meet that need. As you may already know, yes, WordPress has published prior topic that has responded the most, but Twenty Twelve was the first topic that offers a fully responding NDEE.

In keeping with the trends that the WP has been following since 2010, providing a standard topic called after the year in which it is published or the year in which it is published, twenty-eleven has a call to defend. It' s funny that this topic wasn't initially referred to as such, but was first presented by the automated staff under the name "Duster", then upgraded and set up to be more reactive.

Being the most frequently down-loaded and used premier topic on Themeforest.net, selecting Avada as your new submission would definitely offer a whole new standard of expertise in the way you create and create your website. It' not only a beautifully crafted temple, but also a pretty mighty frame in itself.

Because of its ease and uniqueness, it's no wonder why so many would like to use it, if you are either a UI (User Interface) or a UX (User Experience) creator, this would be just the thing for you. Anyone who says that WordPress cannot be used as an e-commerce site has never even listened to WooCommerce or could simply be a big shot.

Because of its simpleness almost anyone could use it effortlessly with ease and with its free exlusive subject, StoreFront, you can build a fairly efficient e-commerce website. Like WooFramework, Genesis is the Core/Parent themes, where StudioPress offers the skin or childs themes. Genesis is probably the most beloved submission ever and has one of the biggest communities making it easier for beginners to get help from seasoned people.

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