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WhatsApp 7 web tips and tricks that all users should know. The WhatsApp Web is the simple way to use WhatsApp on any computer in the globe as long as you have your mobile with you. As soon as you get WhatsApp Web up and running on your computer, these hints and ploys will make it better. We' ve already explained the fundamentals of using WhatsApp Web, what it can and can't do, and what you need to know about WhatsApp Web.

It' s finally up to you to extend WhatsApp Web with a few easy hints and hints. In order to take full benefit of using WhatsApp on your computer, you will need to master some key combinations. Here is a shortlist of key combinations that work in WhatsApp Web: Besides, you can also use all the Windows shortcut keys such as Ctrl + Shift + Same to zooming in and out on text.

Of course, this also applies to Mac keystrokes. You can use the arrows on the keypad to toggle between the display modes. With WhatsApp they are automatically transformed from classical text-moticons. Helping a speaker extract the complete autoconverted email icon listing from WhatsApp's Javascript: However, this automatic converting can be inconvenient for some folks, so there is a simple solution to keep them as moticons.

The only thing you need is a user script named WhatsApp Emoticon Preserver. You can install Tampermonkey, a cross-platform user script management tool, in your preferred web browsing environment. Visit WhatsApp Emoticon Preserver. Update the WhatsApp Web page in your Web Browser. A few folks have two telephones with different WhatsApp account numbers, or maybe you are using a twin IM telephone with several WhatsApp applications.

For whatever reasons, if you want to run two WhatsApp Web Accounts on your computer, it's a little difficult. Cannot simply open two tab pages in charge of your registration in Crome. Resolution 1: The best way is to open an Inkognito or another web page. So, if you have an affiliate registered with Chat rome, open a new screen in Cognito mode or launch Opera (Opera is better than Chat rome anyway) and go to WhatsApp Web from the menu.

Sign in as usual and use your other bank details to view the QR Codes. Answer 2: If you want to work with a web brower and without using inkognito window, there is an alternate way. It is a full featured WhatsApp web application proxies, absolutely secure and scam adviser-enabled.

Besides, you can only use two account with this ploy, not three or more. If you have activated these checkmarks, your readers will be able to see exactly when you have finished reading their text. If you want to turn off the reading confirmation on your mobile you can turn it off, but WhatsApp Web has something better.

When you want to talk to someone and want to view their news without them getting a confirmation, do the following: In your WhatsApp Web browser open the WhatsApp webcast. Navigate to a Notepad document (or other window) and resize it so that you can see the entire WhatsApp web chats in the foreground.

That is the crucial move because the computer thinks you are working in a different one. News is loaded in the backgroud chats that you can view without being checked as viewed with the cyan check marks. At the moment there will be gray check marks, which means that the message will be sent to you but not to you.

If you agree to mark them as scanned, click on the WhatsApp Web Chats screen and they will immediately turn purple. However, the restriction of this approach is that you can only view the contents of one chats at a stretch. WAToolkit provides a great enhancement for WhatsApp Web for CHROMEs to extend their functionality.

Adding two great moves, one of which allows you to re-read WhatsApp Web conversation without reading confirmation. If you receive a new WhatsApp news item, you no longer need to go to the WhatsApp Web page to view it. Move the mouse pointer over the symbol and you can see a news previewer without having to register as in your primary channel.

Full width bladders of chat: WhatsApp by default does not expand a person's bladder across the full width of the message area. Therefore, you get multi-line text if it would readily blend into a line of your large screen area. Please keep in mind that you can also use them in Opera and other browser.

WhatsApp Web, unlike normal WhatsApp, does not allow you to make voicecalls. A WhatsApp Web extension for Chrome, Zapp allows you to customize both aspects. Each of these hints and ploys requires that you use WhatsApp Web on a desktops computer, preferably with the Google Chrome web-browser. You can also tempt your Apple equipment to work with WhatsApp Web, however. Here's how to use WhatsApp Web on your iPad or iPod.

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