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Celebrations were held as part of the Milan Expo on the subject: The port of Amsterdam is building a new plant that could revolutionise the way we handle our plastics wastes. The port of Amsterdam is building a new plant that could revolutionise the way we handle our plastics wastes. It is also important for public authorities to act by investment in environmental protection, environmental protection, the environment and sustainable development. We expect the UK administration to create a sewage..

.. Without plastics, it would be unthinkable to have survived today - but we have long since relinquished our ability to keep pace with our invention.

What has made plastics a real issue? If Jason and the Argonauts were setting sails now, they would hardly know their initial routes. Plastics account for about 90% of all marine waste and 46,000 pcs cover every sqomile.

2018 World Environment Day: "Defeat the plastics strain."

The United Nations has designated June 5 as World Environmental Day, a date that has been designated since 1974 to foster "global consciousness and actions for the conservation of our environment". The theme this year is "Prevention of nuisance from plastic". António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, in a statement called on all human beings to refuse disposable plastics and warns that the increasing amount of plastics scrap is becoming uncontrollable: "Every year more than eight million tonnes end up in the oceans".

Here collected a look at some of these plastics wastes from the past year that accumulate in navigable seas, woods and shores around the world, and some of the effort to purify and recover the mountain of materials.

2018 World Environment Day

It is the most important United Nations event to promote world-wide environmental consciousness and actions. Founded in 1974, it has evolved into a globally recognized PR agency in over 100 nations. Above all the World Environmental Conference is the "Day of the People" to do something for the earth.

This " something " can be local, national or worldwide focussed; it can be a single act or include a lot. Each World Environment Day theme is organised around a theme that draws people' awareness to a particularly urgent environment issue. In 2018, the topic will be overcoming plastics contamination. Every World Environment Day has another hosted planet where the ceremonies will take place.

Focusing on the guest will help to emphasise the environment problems it faces and support efforts to tackle them. India is this year's hosts. Further information can be found on the World Environment Day website.

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