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Because we love the idea of a tree house ceremony - especially if you have a smaller, more intimate kind of event. Even though your wedding day is filled with significant moments, the ceremony is the highlight of the entire celebration. Find out more about the design of your wedding ceremony in the theme.

Twenty-five imaginative wedding ceremonies symbolizing oneness.

Those particular customs will make your wedding ceremony even more touching. Personalizing your wedding ceremony is simple - but your ceremony can be more difficult. Finally, most wedding ceremony are traditional and include a set of prescribed procedures that have been carried out for years (if not centuries!). When you want to put your own mark on the celebration, integrate a ceremony that symbolises the reasons why you, your future husband, and your hosts are there on the big day: oneness.

Several of the following habits and practice, such as light ning a unit candlestick, the bridegroom's circle, or brush leaping, have their roots in belief or traditions. Others, however, such as sandy or the ceremony of replanting trees, are contemporary options. As no two marriages (or couples!) are the same, we have made sure that all religions, civilizations, and convictions are taken into account when creating this listing.

No matter if you want to rob one (or more!) of these or invent something else entirely, a ceremony will surely give your big event even more importance. Those pratices can link your wedding to weddings that took place centuries ago - or inspiration generation after generation of enthusiasts to come.

Whatever you choose to call Oneness on your big date, be guided by the following historic, culturally and spiritually significant symbolisms.

The best ways to personalize your ceremony 2014 with themes.

Today's chicks have so much to choose from when they decide where and how they want to get engaged - so why not get imaginative and really personalize your 2014 ceremony? Not long ago it was only possible to get a wedding in a place of cult or a civil register bureau, but now the bride and groom can combine their wedding and welcome by having their wedding in one of the many marvellous places.

We have seen marriages in eateries, sheds, winter gardens, guesthouses and even seaside cottages! With such a wide range of venues, you can truly make your wedding anniversary your own - there is no one uniform event for all these dates - and this seasons there are many new ways to personalize your ceremony.

And if you guys are both literature guys (and even if you're not!), why don't you try to write your own wedding oaths? When you' re out for inspiration, we have a few things to inspire you to write. Making your own wedding promises works particularly well if you have a yo-yo, cottage style or celebration ceremony topic - it matches the slightly organically minded rabbit vibes going on.

If you have a smaller, more private type of celebration, we loved the concept of arboriculture. Constructed in an old rose wood, you can get married on the roofed terrace while your guest watches from below. In Scotland there is its own wedding location in the trees - the Loch Goil Lodge - and it is certainly a magical wonder.

When you are considering holding a ceremony in the forest, why not try to carry it into all sorts of aspects of your big workday? What's great about a backstage or classic wedding is that you can choose a stile and season that you like, and then just try everything!

If you choose a 1950s topic, for example, you could come to the wedding ceremony in a Cadillac rose. To celebrate this event, wear an old, tealong frock coat that is wonderfully staged by a bird cage mist. Or, if you feel like something really stylish, what about a 1930s-style ceremony? Pamper your Art Deco imaginations with your wedding invites and letterhead and perhaps put a single colour scheme on the topic (which could stretch to your guest - just ask them to wear mono, which is pretty simple for everyone).

It is the ideal way to recall this period in your ceremony - why don't you go down the hall to a piece from the 1930s? In most wedding ceremony, visitors are behind the newlyweds and grooms as they take their solemn wedding oaths. What about your face to your patrons when you say your wedding oaths or arrange the room so that they can be seated or standing in a ring around you while you say all these important words?

They could also warm a wedding ring, where the wedding bands are placed in a small pocket before they are changed, and given to each visitor so they can say a pray or a blessing. Or you could ask both your mother and father to accompany you (after all, your mother betrays you too!) or you could even go down the hallway with your fiance hand in hand.

Bringing your patrons to chat and enjoy is a big part of making your big date a success, so why not get the ball going with a drink receipt before the wedding ceremony? A lot of people will have covered a long way on the wedding night and would be happy to be welcomed with a little snack at the beginning of the wedding.

We are always very much influenced by the fantasy that our girls are bringing to their wedding anniversaries. Watch how they have made their wedding ceremony their own by attending our Real Weddings section.

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