Wedding Decor Ideas 2017

Honeymoon Decoration Ideas 2017

What is the biggest wedding flower trend for 2017? What is the biggest wedding flower trend for 2017? Ideas for the wedding bow What is the greatest wedding flower tendency for 2017? I' m not saying anything flowery. Instead, we see elementary leaf, twig, or palm arrangement patterns that insert plenty of green with minimalistic accents.

To achieve a more striking effect, it is advisable to integrate a green porch that floats high above the guests' head.

Let us try these great green wedding ideas and inspire you for your big wedding days.


Here is how it will go in 2017. Rouge Rosé, to be precise, the wedding colour is " it". Hey Georgeous event owners in Michigan, Rhiannon Bosse, has described Rouge as "now and forever" because it is both fashionable and ageless. This colour range is ideal for the newlyweds who want to create a classical, challenging ambience that won't look outdated or too fashionable in years to come," says Michelle Cousins, the design consultant behind Michelle Leo events in Utah.

Today's couple want a wedding that enchants their guest, and one of the keys to an memorable experience is the location of the wedding. "Each location with a large property or separate edifice - or both - will allow a couple to truly personalise their wedding and help them tell their own stories," says Amy Cagginello, creator of Amy Champagne events in Connecticut.

Peony, rosebush, buttercup, dahlia and other soft-petal blossoms are the most sought-after coastal flower - and for good reasons. "You embody romance," says Zoe Gallina, Botanica International's Floral Design in Florida design studio. Whitefronts, in particular, are in high demand, although a designer notes that some chicks will plan their marriages to take place when they are in high heat.

Lose roses that are used as "garlands" or runners on table tops or spread between suspended candle holders are another growing fashion theme. "Cousins say they make large, sumptuous arrangments possible," but "they are sitting over the minds of the guest so it's easier to talk," and Bosse experiences a rebirth of straight, tailor-made centrepieces, as distinct from the bulk, "freshly picked" styles that have been loved in recent years.

"She says these textured arrangments are in line with the overall move towards a more classical wedding look. On the other end of the trendsheet, Galina says that blossoming crops such as King and Rose Eisprotea, together with various audacious tropic flowers and small pots, give a touch of extra grandeur to the bride looking for an arrangement that feels naturally and organically - yet is still stylish.

Very few chicks want their desks to look "too organised ", says Amy Marella, who owns the Floral Design secret gardens in Los Angeles. "You want a more ecological feeling," she says.

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