Wedding new Ideas 2016

Marriage new ideas 2016

It' gonna be a great year for weddings! We have the most exciting new ideas for decoration, flowers, cakes, music and more. Bring the wedding transport to new heights with a hot air balloon ride.


In recent years, chicks have seen onrush to reconstruct their versions of a kingly wedding or something directly from a Pinterest Breed. However, as we welcome 2016, it is clear that chicks are much more interested in entering the hallway in their own way. "Today pairs want a wedding that shows who they are, that their customers enjoy and that doesn't look outdated or touch outdated - never," says Alison Laesser-Keck, VLD Events' organiser of social gatherings in southeastern Michigan.

Here, top wedding professionals are sharing some keys to this unique twist on romantic ism and joy. "They can be stylish, moody, etheric or even very spontaneous, whatever you put them in your celebration," she says. "Think of glittering goldsmith's art at a wedding with a dark necktie, engraved lamps at an open-air party or on a country tablecloth...

Laesser-Keck is calling this a " new target wedding ", and pairs are looking for ways to add element of places with memorable moments - no mind where the wedding takes place. One example would be for a pair who have been involved in Paris to take old lanterns to illuminate the welcome, play Edith Piaf tunes at supper and use snack bars signs for the pub.

"She says, "The notion is that you have the feeling that your guest is in Nashville, New York, your Alpha Matter - no matter where you are - and can enjoy small parts of those places that made you happy. "As Trish Stevens, Los Angeles Eventdesigner from Classic Party Rentals, says, "Every pair wants to make their surroundings more welcoming and welcoming.

"Marriage illumination is the best - and easiest - way to do both. Pairs move away from a large round table base receiving structure that tends to be too much like a meeting venue, choosing instead very long rectangle shaped desks or a mixture of long desks with smaller round and squared desks - all for a more informal atmosphere.

"Stevens says, "The laid-back atmosphere allows pairs to put their own spins on rural elegance. Choosing the right blend of stile and simple will be the foundation for splendid flower arrangments for the wedding in 2016. Casey Schwartz and Kit Wertz of the Flower Duet in Los Angeles say that sometimes pairs demand a "wild" look.

" Often these free-form bunches and centrepieces contain a mixture of large and small blooms in more than one colour and can be used as expression marks with spiked florets or fruit orchards. It is a single colour concentration that gives the centrepieces a graphical effect. Encourage your flower stylist to select three to five different floral designs in the same colour - the light colour changes give an oak effect.

To create an over-romantic feeling, glue to the opposite ends of the colour range - either faded or deep-seated... To lay the tables for pleasure, choose an oversized fluorescent or a funky sherbet tone. Everyone today is a gourmet, so it is no wonder that experienced pairs of flower dealers ask flower dealers to incorporate items such as ground coffees and aromatic plants (e.g. peppermint or basil) into centrepieces and festoons.

Dainty season fruit and vegetable are another way to influence colour. "Amber Karson and Emily Butler from Karson Butler Event in Washington, D.C. and California say that all desks don't have to look alike.

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