Wedding Theme Colors

Colours of the wedding theme

While you go through the inspiration for the wedding, grooms in navy blue are everywhere! Featuring rich burgundy and white also on the helmet, this cleanly cut color palette offers a classic, modern touch. It's also great for a variety of wedding themes, especially formal and elegant celebrations. Marriage tents are no longer just a casual backyard party.

Could you have too many colors in your wedding d├ęcor?

Their wedding colour range determines and mirrors the colour of your wedding, whether you choose an elegantly designed golden and green game or an essential rouge and reef game. But if you limit your choice to one or two tones, it may seem forcing. How many colors are too many for your wedding?

With our label specialists, we help you choose the right number of colors for your wedding decor colour range. If your wedding is not under the motto circus, observing the rules "less is more" will never mislead you. When you integrate four or more dominating colors into your wedding colour schemes, you can find the aesthetics stunning and glaring.

Best way to integrate several strong colours is to use a basic pallet of neutrals, such as monochrome or creme and ivories, while the more cheeky colours are integrated into items such as invitation, flower heads. To keep your pallet as smooth as possible, limit your choice to two colours.

The complementary colours are always a good selection, pastel tones harmonise perfectly and the combination of a metal colour with a matt colour is a very contemporary one. As you complete your colour range, keep in mind that the selection of two excellent and seasonal colours is endlessly better than being satisfied with a variety of bright colours.

Ripped about which shades to use for your wedding?

Ripped about which colors to use for your wedding? We' ve joined forces with Chrissy Ott, the creator of The Perfect Palette, to help you find the right colours for the theme and time of year of your party. Put your favourite patterns on the bottom (or have them printed out) and show them to all your sellers to make sure you speak the same colouring.

Your holiday home is your best example of how you can have everything you need for your wedding: This is your guidepost to who is historically financial in what way for your wedding:

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