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Peace comes to mind when you have a light blue thematic wedding. Marriage is a ceremony in which two people are united in marriage. Bride & wedding showers bridal shower theme ideas that are not exaggerated. Picture of images of Nica.


These are exclusive photos: In Serena Williams' fairytale wedding in New Orleans.

It' 15:00 the morning before their wedding, and Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian practice their first dancing one last final night with a professional dancer in the heart of their location, the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans. Inside, Serena is a quiet, chilly and self-confident chick, clothed in leggings and a dark hat that only tries to take her footsteps, for which she and her man make their first shoot on the dancing stage to play "Tale as Old as Time" in the morning.

One could say that Serena and Alexis, like the characters in Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve's fairytale, are an unlikely couple from two very different realms. She is the greatest woman of all times, probably the greatest woman of all times. In Rome, it all began with a sympathetic love story.

Although she' s subject to notorious discipline, Serena's not a mornin' man. Arriving at the bar just to find that it was only five moments early, they packed a desk by the swimmingpool instead and ordered a la cart. And Alexis spoke at a meeting and stayed at the same hospital.

Once he also found that it was no longer open, he sat at a desk next to Serena's with the intent to order dinner and work on his notebook. frustrated that an intruder entered her room, Serena's girlfriend Zane began to tease Alexis by saying that there was a rata at his desk and that he should move.

"Serena recalls, "I was so upset, he was sitting next to me. "Unimpressed by the chilly welcome he seemed to receive, Alexis replied with a joke, saying that he was from Brooklyn - he had seen many rabbits and they had not disturbed him. and asked him to join her group.

Committed, he was still a little uncertain as to whether the sudden man he was at bed and breakfest with was actually the Serena Williams. See, Alexis didn't even go after tennis. For the first timepiece, when he went to see Serena playing, he infamous instantagrammed a photograph of her feet mistake.

When she first asked him to visit her at the Paris Open, he knew it was a little far-fetched, but he thought, "What's the worse thing that can go wrong? If it doesn't work, I'll have a great tale to tell my boyfriends when I was almost with Serena Williams.

She loved his fortunate way of living, and her first date was just to meander through the City of Light without naming a goal, something the always planned, always rebuilt contestant almost never gets to do. "Someday I came home to find my pockets already wrapped for me, and I had completely no clue where I would go until I got in the flight," admitted Serena.

"And Alexis took me to Rome, back to the precise place where we had been. "Always the joker, beside the evacuation of the hotels and the flower everywhere, Alexis had put a small little synthetic rattle on the desk. It was Serena who proclaimed her good tidings by publishing a lovely verse on Reddit.

Serena gave life in September to the couple's first baby, Alexis "Olympia" Ohanian, Jr., and the two families are totally infatuated with their 2-month-old girl. Once the party found their place at four long desks designated after Serena's Grand Slam winnings, the bridal couples were presented as Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Ohanian, and Serena made her debut with her second gown of the night, a drama Versace embroidered with pearls that made her look like a fashionable super woman.

Then Serena and Alexis said, "What do you think of a king's dance? Serena said, "I just want it to be voluptuous. And I want it to be like a fairytale. "She wanted a prom, but she wanted a contemporary prom, nothing that was too stuffy," says Preston Bailey, the man behind the whole facility.

" A chandelier with golden bird cages, trophy-like place cards and " schwarz lamin " linen reached this destination. Alexis entered the scene after supper and asked the audience who had danced with the √Član Artists to clear the area. "That' s the only way I ever asked you to do this all-night long, but I need you to get off the dance floor," he said and laughed.

"to Serena Williams as my woman. "The third gown of Serena's night was a breathtakingly fitting Versace look with a brief coat. Joining Alexis on the dancing stage, the group began to play "Tale as Old as Time", which then turned into "If I Can't Have You".

Serena and Alexis did another dancing with the boys when Beyoncé, Kelly and Ciara were cheering them on. Around 1:30 am Alexis packed the microphone to unveil the last surprises of the night for his new one. However, when in his professional or private lives Alexis is rejected by others, he always takes up the challenges.

As Serena cried with agitation, the visitors got on horseback while Ginuwine's "Pony" was playing in the back.

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