Wedding Theme Inspiration

Inspiration wedding theme

I find it almost impossible when it comes to choosing my favorite wedding theme. Wedding themes: inspiration, romance and bizarre I find it almost impractical. My favorite thing is to use smooth tones and nice pastels, small detail like laces and pearls, lovely flowers of springs and gorgeous decorations like candle holders, chains of light and lamps, all of which shout capriciously and romantically.

Create a bridal white look; Would you like to be this singular and white wedding girl? Stylish yourself with a little old-fashioned look, a little fairy tale and a touch of Czech elegance. Below are some charming ideas; Choosing a whimsical type wedding gown is the perfect way to look pretty and glamorous on your wedding day. Just look at the wedding dresses.

Fabrics such as laces and flowing net linen with smooth stitching and detailled pearls give you a fabulously romantically inspiring look. When you choose gentle tones of champaign and rouge, you get just the right amount of color to set yourself apart. Wedding gown stylists like Hayley Paige, Claire Pettibone and Jenny Packham are just a few of the many artists who do this.

I' m totally in raptures with these two wedding dresses of Claire Pettibone and the tailor-made House of Mooshki! To make these lush long hairs, just throw in some extra hairs and loosely wrap them with a barrel of fabric and perhaps a beautiful corolla (see some of our marvelous flowery wedding hairdos last months on the blog) or a long lace curtain!

For a more stylish look, have your castles woven in a beautiful floating fish tail weave with small satin blossoms placed here and there. Or, if you opt for an up-do, select a fluffy, dirty roll with a tender piesophila Halo. Not only three beautiful, but also perfectly looks that reflect this wonderful and romatic feeling!

Make a weird wedding Bouquet by using wonderful and colorful blossoms like rose, hortensia and peony with additional (queen of the quaint flowers) gingersophila and other wonderful wildflowers and green. Why not pick a wonderful bunch of brooches that bloom in bright colors and ton of subtle details, just like one of our New York chicks for her wedding in the early season?

Design your magical wedding with wonderful decoration such as large lovely bouquets, pompoms and lamps, chains of candles and many lovely adornments and adding a little bit of romance with your candlelight. If you want a really bizarre feeling, you can design your desks on your favorite storyline, Alice in Wonderland is a favorite option, isn't it?

Or, if you want more romance, clothe your table with many large, gorgeous floral decorations at the centre! Have a look at some of our DIYutorials to get inspired by creativity. There' s something so magic and romantically in the illumination, be it smooth candlelight or nice suspended chains of beacons, only a hint of hot glow in the evenings can turn your wedding location into an adorable heaven as you enjoy laughing and partying into the dark.

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