Wedding Themes 2016

Marriage themes 2016

As you try to decide on a wedding theme, think about what inspires you and what resonates with you. Keep in mind that you will trace the entire event back to your topic. Garden weddings are always a perfect choice!

Beloved wedding themes you'll like.

Looking for a wedding topic? These are some great wedding photography tips from our professionals - some beloved and some a little off the well-worn. As you try to make a decision about a topic, think about what inspires you and what will resonate with you - bear in mind that you will make the whole thing dependent on your topic.

Imagine a lot of home-made décor with light or bright colours. Glasses, strings and bucket elevators from Jason are great accessoires to be dreamed of. If you want to be relaxed or unusual is up to you - this topic is suitable for both. Cinderella wedding! It'?s the wedding that little girls dreamt of.

This is a topic that calls for all things romantically. Remember candle light, rose, light rose and pointy candles. It is a classical and funny topic not only for the newlyweds but also for the visitors. So you can include food, song, décor and/or ceremony in your wedding anniversary as much or as little as you like.

When it comes to decoration, think of things you can find on the beach: sands, seashells, flotsam, anchors, rope and small rocks. The khaki is perfectly fine for the witnesses & grooms (and guests) and the newlyweds can wore a nice floating outfit. It can be a really wonderful topic and can awaken a great deal of creative energy.

For example, take rose or cyan, where everything has a different color - some abundant, some pastel shades and everything in between. It is such an interesting and singular subject that can be truly breathtaking. Take a look back to the 20s or 40s to get inspired by this topic. When you have a favourite film, a make, a thing as a pair, then go ahead and give free rein to your inspirations.

Even the meals can be imaginative and thematic. Visitors often enjoy these kinds of marriages, as they are usually scarce and generally a great deal of pleasure! No matter what your subject, you'll want to captivate all those stunning memories with gorgeous wedding photos. Would you like an extraordinary wedding adventure?

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