Wedding Themes and Colours

Marriage themes and colours

Browse through our favorite wedding color combinations to inspire the rest of your celebration. Wedding Purple Decor Ideas from Bring creative, surprising ideas for the colour scheme of your spring wedding.

Hot 10 Spring Wedding Color Patterns

By far this is the most romatic period of the year when natural beauty awakens from its hibernation and comes back to life in a big, colourful way. Search no further than the blossoming flowers of early Spring and other seasonal icons - from Easter pastels to open-air summer gardens and sky sunsets - for an array of wedding colours!

Given that the natural world is almost too diverse, I have limited your possibilities to 10 unrivalled colour scheme for the wedding in early Spring, which could be the source of inspirations for a great big event. Combine hot, translucent yellows with a chilly light grey and Ivory backdrop to penetrate the sky and get the early part of the summer off to a good start. Sweet, bright orange and white are the colours of your choice.

Bridal shower: Light grey dresses provide the ideal setting for a bouquet of whipped cream and buttercups. In order to compensate for the cooling of the steel-hard colour, select a smooth, non-slip fabric such as the plain Dessy Collection Style 2950 net lace in complimentary Platinum. Decide on a deep violet and light rose pallet for an ultra-feminine, florally inspiring feeling.

Bridal shower: Dress your girl in red dresses to keep the look nice and sober - the ideal setting for a bouquet of bright rose and vibrant purple flowers. Select a Lela Rose bridesmaid LR234 in gentle rouge, a prime and a real knee-length stun gun with damesque detail.

Prevent a slightly too cute look by gluing to a blank background and interweaving in colourful bumps, such as colourful peony, poppy and tinnias decorations. However, the candy-coated colour schemes are the dreams of a desert dinner so go out with giant sweets glasses, bespoke cups and colourful coloured maquaroons.

Bringing together crisp peppermint greens with inviting corals is a joyful spring combination that never gets old, and it's simple to understand why, as it adapts to old and new wedding themes. Bridal shower: On your big night, your maid will like to wear the light shade of light shade because it tends to caress most of your skins.

Choose a classical style like the Dessy Collection Style 2942 in imint - the ideal setting for a bunch of fleecy baby corals. Visitors can further enjoy the miniature design with characteristic moyitos at the BBQ. Enliven a range of marine blues and bluish cornflowers with a bright, dark chest - a fun yet easy colour match that' makes it ideal for a farmer's wedding.

Bridal shower: Wear your girlfriend in a knee-length look like After Six Bridesmaids 6695, a smooth knitted fabric with lots of motion that matches the laid-back atmosphere of your loved ones. Expand your rural inspiration with small gingam touch motifs in black and red, such as embroidered serviettes, colourful bordures and escortcards - even the best man's best man's shirts!

Unless you''re fast on spring pink, blue and green, you should keep to a more balanced range of steamed peaches and light amber. Bridal shower: Have your servants in stylish dresses in a matt material, like the After Six Bridesmaids Style 6751 in April, sent down the passage. It is the perfect setting for plain bunches in a discreet colouring.

Decorate your table in creme and pineapple environments surrounded by sumptuous floral decorations (Juliet pineapple rose is a perfect match for creme and light orange rose for a neat, classical look). Bridal shower: Because the light violet will be your primary color, clothe your maid of honor in fluid luxurious dresses, like the Dessy Collection Style 2882 in a passionate way.

He needs a genuine man to let his wedding be covered by his fiancée in light rose. When it comes to the reddening wedding couple, an elegantly coloured pattern of light rose and creme leather is available for the big occasion. Bridal shower: Hold the look super-girly with strapless treasure neck cutouts on a fluid dress like the Social Bridesmaids Style 8159 in Rouge, the brightest rose colour.

To add extra sparkle, add only the smallest pieces of sterling silver, such as metal pots containing bunches of pale rose peony and hortensia. Sharing the sugary sweet at the desert dinner plate with tender rosé gingerbread cakes, hand-spun sugar floss sweets and cuddly pale red and whit jeans. Luckily, it's simple to integrate the vibrant rosy, deep brown colour of the tree and the verdant leaf foliage into your wedding decor for a whole life.

Bridal shower: In order to complete the harsh corners of the knots yourself, equip your girlfriends in light rose clothes with texture and clear contours, e.g. the Alfred Sung Style D697 in the matching flower shadow. Décor high glass vase tabletops stuffed with lofty twigs of kirsch blossoms, interrupted by short leaf green and light rose bud patterns.

Graded whites, decorated with a sugar knot, are easy and stylish, while tender rose petits fur and bite-sized pralines, covered with tiny flowers, give additional sweetening to finish off the celebrations. In springtime it is the best period for an open-air teaparty, so why not have your own to celebrate your particular occasion?

Imagine dark regal and light colored cyan against a neat and cleanly ivory colored background. Bridal shower: A stylish teaparty earns a prime and a matching outfit. Taste a flowery gown like the Alfred Sung Style DS699FP in a bunch of whites for a refreshing, funny spin on a classical form. Remainder: Put table with plain whites covered with soft blue-white porcelain for large teapot vibe.

Old fashioned rose decorations are decorated with hortensia and dolphinium to create a discreet colouring pop. Finish off the festival with characteristic cocktails of greying Martini. Choose a range of neutrals in snow and glacial greys with light salvia highlights and let the green of the season become the show's highlight.

Bridal shower: Grab your grey shade and make it ultra feminine with layered drapes and soft laces, like After Six Bridesmaids Style 6733 in pure Platinum. Give the bunches more surprise highlights, with whites and leafs interspersed with beautiful lush greens. In order to keep the decoration appropriate for spring, you should stay in front of a mostly blank setting with grey highlights such as running tables and imprinted place mats.

Avoid floral decorations and line table decorations with beautiful verdant festoons wrapped around romantically decorated stump candle holders.

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