Wedding Themes for Summer 2017

Marriage themes for summer 2017

Be inspired by colour palettes, centrepieces and cakes for a summer wedding. Look at 50 more ideas just for you! The summer is a great season to prepare for a wedding. No doubt that beach wedding theme is one of the good ideas for summer. Rummage in real summer weddings and get the latest trends for the summer wedding.

More than 100 ideas for summer weddings

Colour pallets, centrepieces and even a cake - let yourself be stimulated for a summer wedding. Do you have a wedding on the shore? An ordinary bunch of sunflower makes a strong impression. Add a stranded atmosphere to a landscaped wedding with this coral-like bunch of wildflowers. Amber is a happy summer option. Clothes of the patterned maid of honor are cool and make summer great time.

Daisy print bridesmaid gowns are a wonderful choice for summer wedding parties. It is our pleasure to see how the bunches of these maid of honor go together with your dress. This light colour tone is combined with nature coloured wedges. Jazzy up cheap low cost tassels with cute ribbons in your wedding colours. Let the witnesses of the marriage dress put on short suits that go with the bridesmaids' clothes and let the witnesses of the marriage dress stick out in snow!

Integrate your favourite summer activities, like this Baseball inspiring ring-cushion. Make available to your patrons refrigerated bottle waters during the ceremonies. Put sunshades at the disposal of your clients to shadow themselves during the ceremonies. Would you like an open-air wedding, but don't you want to give up the drama of the opening of the doors and everyone seeing you for the first glimpse in your dress?

Large screens keep your guest away from the hard beams of sunlight. Let your score bubble when you exit the ceremonies. Candyfloss will make your customers feel a little bit old-fashioned for the summer carnival. It' your wedding anniversary - just take a sundae! Schnurlanterns from the tree - they help to keep the beetles away from your visitors.

Sunflower tins with an accent of bourlap make the ideal tablecloth for a miniature arrangement in a traditional style. To make it really popular, use contrast colours in your midsection. You should place a small pie on each of the tables instead of huge flower arranging. For a wedding celebration, the dark and whitish dancing surface turns a courtyard into an elegantly designed, exquisite venue.

Put small packages of cheerful bouquets, like wild flower bouquets, behind the top of your desk. Accentuate a plain pie with tropic floral decorations. It' a hot choc pie with accents of gingerbread, wild mushrooms and lovebirds. For a nude wedding tart you don't have to be concerned about the glaze fusing during an outside receptions. Honey confectionery with a delicious taste of freshly baked wild berries. A delicious confectionery pie, completed with a hamper of freshly baked wild berries, decorated with delicious dark berries and tender wild berry blossoms.

You' re not a pie aficionado? Even on the busiest day, a pie pop stack will withstand the sun's rays. Issue a pair of glasses personalised with your name and wedding date in your wedding colours. Every guest will remember every unforgettable moment of your wedding with a nice picture of your favourite place every single day.

Bring your customers home with a tasty, personalised freezer costume.

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