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Top wedding WordPress themes to create beautiful and unique wedding websites with features like guestbook, GoogleMaps integration or photo gallery. Here is the unique collection of high-quality, brilliantly designed Wedding WordPress themes with sliders for download. Every topic is absolutely beautiful!

Best 20+ word press wedding parties & wedding themes 2018

Extensive listing of the best WordPress wedding topics created and published in 2017. Those topics have everything to create an unforgettable wedding website that you can show your buddies and your loved ones. The wedding is one of the most important landmarks in your whole being. It all has to be perfected and we know that, so we've put together this extensive guide to help you select the best theme for your particular tag.

Each of these topics have the same premiums qualities, haptics and practicality. We' ve tried to choose topics with different features, which means that some topics are for photographs, others for promoters, but most of them are your own blog and sites to personalize and Share your emotion and pictures with your closest relatives and acquaintances.

Or if these topics have not aroused your interest, you should take a look at our free WordPress wedding theme library. Yevelin is a nice and stylish, neat and flawless, simple to use and intuitively, experienced medium and very reactive WordPress multi-purpose website theme. The theme was designed to be the most challenging and thorough website builder in today's marketplace, able to meet the needs of individuals and businesses, whether commercial or commercial, with the utmost ease of use and pace of evolution.

Create your website by setting up one of the many built-in demonstration sites or templates with a click and then customizing your layout, animation and custom item preferences at your own pace using the Jevelin graphical drag-and-drop page generator or slider Revolution slide show generator, both of which are included in Jevelin at no extra charge to you.

Married men and women like Jevelin for their wedding sites because it gives them the versatility of six different folder layout options that you can use for your lovely high-resolution photo gallery and wedding photograph with sleek light box functions, contemporary bricklayer and lattice layout and much more beyond the canopy. Yevelin is the theme you want for your particular work!

is a WordPress theme based on journals, blogging, and general authoring. Using many layout fashions and an appealing layout, it will help you get to the point more quickly. It uses Visual Composer as its home page and has a great custom administration pane. Jack & Rose includes an astonishingly simple to use Premium Dragging & Dropping Page Builder, Jack and Rose makes brief work of compiling stunning, challenging wedding sites in a variety of different fashions, using gorgeously pre-designed demonstration website templates and pages that you can easily and quickly access with a click, directly along with their likes, dislikes, customizations and widgets, meaning you need to do nothing other than adjust the look and feel to your liking, adding your own information and dates and going straight to your new wedding site, over night, over night, live with your new wedding site, and over night with Jack & Rose making brief work of compiling stunning, challenging wedding sites in a variety of different fashions, using wonderfully pre-designed website Templates and pages that you can directly customize with a click, along with their likes, customizations and Widgets, meaning you need to do nothing other than make the look and feel according to your wishes, adding your own information and dates and going straight to your new wedding site.

Enhanced functions such as the guestbook, online RSVP, unusual, sleek, hardware-based Parallax video specials, and thorough Google Maps integrations, among many more, make Jack & Rose stand out from all other wedding topics with their unparalleled efficiency for this particular application case. No one gets married like Jack & Rose!

It is a totally nice and very well done, beautifully textured and stylishly graphic composite, visually breathtaking and romantically appealing, attractively appealing, profoundly imaginative and functionally packed, technically sophisticated and innovating WordPress one-page wedding website theme. The theme is a masterly created theme that has been created with a unique, explicitly intended goal in mind- to enable the webmaster to make the most wonderful, functionally most advanced wedding sites you can imagine, wedding sites that can turn any moment into a moment!

Moment contains tonnes of wedding demonstration sites and artwork with full features and tonnes of customisable section, with a simple and intuitively designed page creator and an sleek and progressive design option control that really puts you in the driver's seat of your wedding site's look and feel. What's more, the website is fully customisable, with a simple and highly interactive interface and a sleek and progressive design option control that really puts you in the driver's seat of your wedding site. There are also special in-house chapters for marriages and pairs, such as Pair Timelines, Events Timelines, Gift Section, Guestbook Timeline and RSVP forms, among many others, each packed with powerful customisation features, so your Moment's wedding website is exactly the website of your (and your partner's!) dream!

The Uncode is a highly reactive WordPress theme that offers ease and quick response. The theme is created with a great emphasis on gallery and animation. Undecode has tonnes of choices for posting your screen layout using brickwork styles and blogs. There are also many font options: The Uncode is a theme for personalization with a hint of creativity.

Begin with this contemporary and simple to upgrade design! Massively Dynamic is an enormously one-of-a-kind, unbelievably aspiring, dedicated, and haunting, fast-reacting WordPress creator of multi-purpose Web sites. It is a rock-solid webmaster application with or without prior development or programming expertise, designed to quickly, simply and painlessly assemble the most personal, compelling and professionally designed web sites that can be bought today for just about any price, with an extremely simple and user-friendly user friendly design that makes the creation of a web site surprisingly simple.

With over 70 shortcuts, tens of professional-looking layouts, thousands of adjustable preferences and choices, and a powerful one-click suite of single -click editing utilities, the Adobe Premiere Web Site Builder offers the performance of more than 70 shortcuts. Amidst the many, sleek master themes offered, tonnes of specialized niche application are catered for, complete with exceptional wedding website masters.

The Progressive Image Loading Technique makes sure that your large wedding picture gallery is loaded in a sensible, predictable time frame without congesting the server or overloading the users' bandwith. The Emma is a stylish and humble website submission designed to share your wedding photographs, events detail and blog. and has been validated with the latest WordPress releases.

The theme is cleverly designed to work and interact temptingly on screens of any magnitude and dissolution, so that your loved ones, your loved ones, and other visitors can enjoy your site using their favorite equipment. Designed to be light and contemporary, this allows you to create a customized logotype, pavicon, login logotype and web application icons so your supporters can see that they have ended up on the right wedding website.

There' a built-in customizer that lets you customize theme items such as page layouts, wallpaper, font, colors, side bars, and more. The Emma also contains user-defined layouts that are not found in most WordPress topics. There is a user-defined Jquery validation based on the RSVP submission that could help you complete your wedding guests without so much inconvenience.

Correct header tag and encoding standard are used in this topic to ensure excellent searching power. The topic is suitable for translations and offers comprehensive documentary evidence. The Maya is a beautiful, stunning and simple to create theme for wedding sites. It' s fully built in with 18+ composeable paragraphs to help you quickly create a wedding website.

It is a mobile-friendly topic and reacts extremly to any type of equipment. Completely customisable, this unusual and versatile design has outstanding functionality that you can use to create a website for your wedding. The design comes with a Revolution slider, which is very useful for making eye-catching slides and motion graphics.

The Maya contains a section of para-lax that allows you to use the para-lax wallpaper in your preferred section of the website. Supporting all types of items and posters, it gives your wedding website the diversity it needs. There' strong shortcuts that let you include button, quotation, video, and more to your website.

Contacts forms are available on this website to help you stay in close communication with the folks who will be attending your wedding. The Meridian Wedding is a beautiful and elegant, sophisticated and very contemporary, light and reactive WordPress one-page wedding theme. The theme was developed as a response for a couple or wedding planner who needs a robust, easy-to-use and high-impact website to create stunningly elegant wedding sites in a matter of just a few moments, regardless of prior programming or evolution.

The Meridian Wedding is equipped with a set of unbelievably simple to implement modular units, each with a particular function and different setting and style options that you can adjust at will and in detail so you can customise it to suit your needs. The Meridian Wedding is able to provide you with targeted moduls, such as the timetable for the wedding celebration in beautiful details and various different genres, the Bridesmaid modul to present the few to all your guest and visitor with beautiful distortions, the Groomsmen modul of course, the RS232 modul with a customisable custom interface with beautiful style, the Wedding Image Gallery and much more below theoberfläche.

Meridian Wedding is also equipped with wedding blog and wedding items to keep your subscription up to date with the latest developments at the wedding. Check out Meridian Wedding today! Brideliness is a subject in total dedication to one thing: the bridal gown. Authors devote this theme to making the bride, groom and wedding planner feel well.

Uses the beloved Visual Composer Page builder and also contains the Revolution Slider plug-in. It is a pixel-precise and high-quality motive for pictures and video! Extremely reactive, all displays and browser customizable theme. The Lily is a wonderful, stylish and reactive WordPress wedding website theme. Developers have added great utilities so you can create nice web sites.

Lily will provide you with full-fledged, feature-rich wedding sites in a few moments. Ton of practical benefits and functions take your Lily wedding website to the next step. Built-in Instagram Feeder effortlessly links several Instagram® accounts with a variety of choices. Incorporate cards so your visitors can easily find their way to your event locations.

In addition, a sophisticated coding system makes LiLily quick to load and very reactive. It' much simpler with our website to make a website out of your particular tag than you can possibly think of. The Be Theme is a beautiful and expert, simple to use and beautifully dependable, solid and challenging, highly reactive WordPress multi-purpose website theme. It has been conceived by the developer as a real multi-purpose topic.

The Be Theme solution suits a webmaster with or without prior programming or development expertise to deliver the highest level of workmanship and results possible in just a few moments without writing a line of HTML-codes. For this purpose, Be Theme brings together the performance of the stunning Muffin Builder 3 with the powerful Muffin Composer, both high-endual page builder visuals with thousands of items, widgets and functions in between, allowing you to rebuild your own sites from the ground up or fine-tune the over 220 fully-designed, pre-built sites packaged with Be Theme.

Offering such a large selection of models, the webmaster will always find a theme to suit every market segment. The Be Theme wedding website artwork is among the most progressive today, with a variety of stunning functions such as parallax and video background to make your wedding come to life for your score and visitor, or the outstanding single-click skins creator that immediately creates a custom hide for your Be Theme wedding website to make your moment truly unforgettable.

Taste Be Theme now! Einfach & Elegant is a high-quality WordPress theme. Creators have designed this theme to be a perfect match for the photographic industry. There is a one-click installation demonstration and a children's theme. You also made this topic fashion-oriented. You' ve got +300 typographic choices and limitless colors to work with.

Need a new look for your wedding mag? It' the paper of your dreams, the ideal way to tell the good fortune of the whole world: tell your friends about your favourite story, the latest wedding news, your own chat, your sales offer or your own place for a holiday. Developers have also created this breathtaking new wedding demonstration specifically to clothe your website in the soft silky whiteness of the enchant!

Review the variety of functions contained in the theme and see how they can help you take your site to the next stage. It also has a page layout in fat and includes specialized functions such as super-links, play list videos, intelligent listings, innumerable mail and page variations, tens of header and footer lines and much more.

In addition, this sleek and contemporary wedding website submission features a sleek and easy-to-use theme control that lets you modify the look and feel of your website without the need for programming knowledge. Developed with high value codes and best practice content management, Neuespaper Theme has an advanced ad system that gets your site up and running in seconds.

The Wedding Suite is an unbelievably aesthetic, sophisticated, optically breathtaking and catchy, stylishly inconspicuous, neat and immaculate, technically advanced and fully equipped, profoundly imaginative and extremely feature-rich, enchanting and welcoming, engaging and dependable WordPress wedding and event website theme. It is a conscious, targeted theme that offers everything related to marriages, from wedding web sites to wedding web sites such as wedding promoters, wedding photographers, wedding catering companies and even wedding rings.

The Wedding Suite is your theme when marriages are your play. Creators provided four different version of the Wedding Suite to fit a variety of different sounds and genres, while Wedding Events, RSVP Forms, About Couples and Our Story will enchant and surprise your audience or transform new clients with their allure.

The Wedding Suite is neat and fashionable, easily adaptable to your tastes or even your gown if necessary, and is loved by chicks and wedding promoters around the globe thanks to its easy-to-use, easy-to-use graphical environment. Mary is a nice and intuitively responding WordPress wedding and wedding website theme.

The theme is a sophisticated and stylish one. Maryge contains easy-to-use plug-ins for easy viewing. Maryge also contains 5 different homepage demonstrations that you can provide with a click. That' all you need to get your wedding sites up and running in just a few moments. In addition, the Wedding Story function is a great favourite with customers and ensures a beautiful viewing effect.

All in all, this is really the theme that can turn any association into a work of work. Everyoneline is a totally attractive and visually stunning, highly imaginative and very original and catchy, brilliant and light, colourful and lively, esthetically appealing and tempting and very professionally dependable, well-structured and feature-rich WordPress wedding and event website theme.

The theme is a beautiful and very meticulously crafted theme, which has been created with the greatest care for every angle and crack to create a fully accurate, retina-compatible theme that pairs can enjoy or Web masters in general can count on to create any kind of professionally staged website.

You have also made Everline WPML and RTL WPML and RTL WPML and RTL WPML ready so that your website really has a truly worldwide coverage, in addition to full responsiveness, so that the worldwide coverage of equipment and platform across the line can be optimally achieved. The Suarez is an extreme neat and clear, neat and unadulterated, serious and professionally, imaginative and ultra contemporary, smartly encoded and very dependable and quick load, excellently technically articulated and exceptionally agile and agile, conceptionally uniquely WordPress minimum multi-purpose website theme.

It' a beautiful and compelling theme, conceived as a comprehensive, all-encompassing one-stop-shop site for large and small sites, far and wide across all sectors, interests and areas, with plenty of potent functions and plug-ins that easily adapt to your graphic or functionality requirements. That means that the Suarez development team has fully equipped Suarez to manage all types of wedding or wedding event sites.

Featuring handy page layouts for all common and needed extra pages of contents like contact or info, a high-performance visual composer with tonnes of custom, self-developed items and extreme customizability, as well as a feature-rich and customizable event calendaring system and slider revolution, contact form 7, Parallax image and video scrolling sections, and MailChimp email subscriptions, out of the box newsletters and full wireless kindness and reactivity at all levels, Suarez is a great way to let the word know that the big event is near, that the big picture is near, that the big picture is near, and that the big picture is close.

Designers have developed this theme specifically for wedding web sites. You also overcrowded Qaween with functions and customization settings to help building a wedding site. The wedding theme comes with an infinite range of colors, more than 500 Google fonts, and a simple draft and dropdown theme designer. This theme also contains essential functions such as count down timers, RSS Feed forms, Photogallery, slideshow and four user-defined mailboxes.

Ideal Couple is the WordPress theme for your wedding and betrothal website. Completely reactive, this wedding theme makes sure your website works optimally on all web-enabled peripherals, smartphones and tables such as the iPad, to give your wedding party members and friends an optimum visual enjoyment every time-your website is visited.

In addition, this theme is combined with Visual Composer, a single and simple page creator that lets you create innumerable layouts for your website. In addition, this theme has specific contents pages that you can modify and personalise with ease. The theme also has its own page devoted to your romance, how it began and the best memoirs you divided together.

The page "Your Most Important People in the World" contains a short explanation of your parent, bridesmaid and best man to divide the page. They can also involve accommodations (a listing of hotels) that act as tour guides for your visitors from another town or state. Or you can customize the blogs settings to publish an update on the preparation of your wedding.

The topic also covers extended Google maps and registries. Dovey Lovey is a neat and minimalist WordPress wedding theme. It' s user-friendly, stylish and carefully encoded, perfectly suited for everything you need to create an attractive and lively wedding site for your very own particular outing. This theme was developed by the developer on Bootstrap 3, an astonishing frontend application with lots of functions and simple adjustment.

You also made it fast reacting and retinal so that your relatives, boyfriends and wedding invitees will have a great viewing environment everytime they visit your site. The Lovey Dovey has a variety of advanced theme choices to help you easily customise your website. RSVP management is included, which shows the RSVP forms with one click on the page and administers all items directly from your Dashboard.

In addition, this topic contains "Event Post Types", in which you can post all the detail of your events such as date and hour, place and even the site in Google Maps. With this design you can also design endless galleries pages for your website. If your wedding website is concerned, you need a theme that can captures the essentials of a life-changing instant.

The goal of Wedding couples is to educate your customers and delight them with a beautiful look. They can use this theme for the websites Save the Date, Couple, Wedding Events and Engagement. The WordPress version also includes the One Page and Multi-page Layout options. There will be many special features on your website, such as the possibility to add a wedding registry.

It allows the lucky pair to attach items to their wedding directory. In addition, there will be several delivery choices and payments method. You can also highlight your location on a built-in Google Maps and even attach photographs, title, coordinates as well as customizations. Naturally each wedding place needs a forms according to RALVP.

It also makes it easier to design such a form and allows you to incorporate your own personalised input into it. Normally there is a problem with wedding scheduling. Begin your forever with this unusual, handcrafted wedding theme. The design also allows you to design endless layouts for your wedding website.

In addition, it offers customized Widget that will help you to divide important wedding information with your wedding invitees without much hassles. Wedding Day WordPress theme is a nice and fully responding wedding theme. This theme will have a female note and comes with great wedding items in the iconset and colourway.

Round forms and round typographic style also set accents in the overall theme as well. There are also many functions that you would want from a wedding theme. These include an RSSVP format, count down clock, guest book, many widgets and a picturelider. The GeekLove is an elegantly neat, minimally invasive and fully reactive WordPress theme for weddings.

It is my favourite theme from this collection thanks to its sleek, clear and singular designs.

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