Weeble Board

The Weeble Board

Fitterfirst Weeble Boards are designed by a Fitterfirst production worker who increases his balance challenge during the working day. The Fitterfirst Advanced Weeble Boards increase proprioception and improve sports performance and active living. Weeble Boards Fitterfirst The Fitter First has developed a beautiful line of balancing items that will help you achieve performance and significantly enhance your equilibrium (I also own your Bongo board, which is a true challenge!). Weeble boards are one of a kind, as they are used seperately with both legs on two different finishes instead of having the two on a sole finish / board, so there is an additional difficulty that other balancing equipment may not offer.

There are so many ways you can do exercise not only to reinforce your ankle (as the other reviewers pointed out), but also to enhance your bi-lateral co-ordination. When you are looking for something beyond a regular balancing board or sweep board, you should definitely try it. It complements other balancing machines in such a way that the entire range of balancing exercise is much better performed than with just one.

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have been developed to offer medical professionals a high-quality, affordably priced sweep board to meet the needs of patient and athlete for a device that enhances proprioreceptive capability and enhances nuclear stabilization/postural muscle. They are hand-crafted and ultra tough and long-lasting, offering an affordably priced option to high-priced sweepers, while offering the level of complexity and scope of movement choices necessary for both patient care during recovery and experienced sportsmen and women.

Every 16" board comes with 1 large and 2 small massive wooden spheres that offer different levels of difficulty: the planks can be used as a tilting board and/or sweep board, basically using two planks in one, Weeble 12" and a more sophisticated sweep board that operates separately under each leg offer improved predictive workouts.

WEBLE BODARDS can also be used for shoulders rehabilitation and function push-ups, which represent a major neuro-muscular challenges. Wooden planks are supplied with 2 large and 2 small wooden spheres which offer a constant level of complexity. Taumel planks have a rigid, shallow deck above a rigid, round, instable foundation. In order to use a sweep board, you must be standing, sitting or kneeling on the level ground and find your equilibrium above the ground by defying your muscle and proprioceptor.

Balance on a wobbling board is generally accomplished with a rocker that swings the movement between the toes. Wobbleboards are loved by windsurfers, skinboarders and other board sport and gym fans. They are good for the development of flexibility, but can also be used for rehablitation. Knuckle twist is the most frequent injury in a wide range of sporting activities.

According to a report in The American Journal of Sports Medicine, exercising on a sweepboard can help avoid repeated sprains of the hocks in an athlete with a medical history. However, the results of the research are not conclusive. Wobbleboard practice is done barefoot and on a smooth surface such as a carpeting (not deeply knotted!) or a carpeting or mats, and not on a firm surface such as a wooden surface as the board can slide.

As soon as this becomes simple, you are adding challenging tasks that move from stationary to vibrant work.

Wobbleboard unstable add a dynamical element to your equilibrium workout that forces stronger neuro-muscular activity to further your proprioceptive development. This results in better equilibrium and stabilization, the capacity to quickly shift direction when needed, and finer movement abilities. A further important advantage of using a tumbling board is its enhanced functionality.

Practicing function on a tumbling board challenges several muscle groups and articulations to stabilise and adapt. Since your nuclear muscle contracts when you are in an unfavorable or instable situation, sitting on a sweepboard will increase the nuclear force and enhance the force of the lower part of your lower part. Hold a board with your hand on the board to increase the force of the kernel and torso.

The use of the Wobbleboard for knee bends, lungeing and push-ups increases the dynamics of these drills for a greater level of difficulty. In order to achieve a good equilibrium, you must find out how to keep your centre of mass above your supporting basis. Equilibrium challenges force the right and wrong sides of the head to interact more, which improves sensorial assimilation and co-ordination.

Then, when you move an arms or a legs over the midline of your torso on the whirl board, you present this neuro-muscular interaction with another challenging one. Performing gradual, controllable equilibrium exercise on sweep pads will enhance your self-confidence and provide a feeling of calm to enhance your mind's ability to work.

Sweepboards have been used for years in therapeutic meetings to help kids with attentiveness problems. The use of a balancing board just obliges the mind to work in the union to keep the right equilibrium. Through the development of propioception, power and concentration, tumbling board exercise helps you respond to abrupt changes in your surroundings and reduce the chance of injuries.

In 2004, the American Journal of Sports Medicine released a report by EMGO Institute research in the Netherlands. This showed that wobbleboard exercise can help avoid repeated hock joint distortions in an athlete with a past of hock joint distortions. Another trial, carried out by Qatar Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Hospital in Doha, Qatar, and released in a 2012 edition of Clinical Biomechanics, showed that the lower foot muscle contraction was more pronounced and the posture requirement was higher than on a tumbling board.

Taumel panels also loosen loosely glued joints, enhance the circulation of damaged tissue, enhance vein and lymph drainage and thus shorten the recovery period.

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