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Build a website in multiple languages - Weebly Help Center Do you need to give your users the opportunity to view your contents in two or more different language versions? Weebly App Center has two different third-party applications for multi-lingual websites: If most of your users talk German, create the German language first. You can find this on your Site Dashboard.

Then you can allocate an adress to this page via Settings > Location adress in the Notepad. When you have purchased a domainname through Weebly, you can simply add a subtitle and use it as your adress. This example shows the German language versions of the website thespokesmen.net. Therefore we would make the german language versions of fr.thespokesmen.net.

To do this, all you have to do is enter this subdomain adress in the "Use a Domainname You Already Own" box. But if you didn't buy the domainname through Weebly, it's a little more complicated: you have to get in touch with your domainname registration agent and ask them to make a subdomain (like francais.thespokesmen.net, de. thespokesmen.net, es. thespokesmen.net, es. thokesmen.net or anything else you want to do that way) and refer it to one of our IP addresses:

All you have to do now is click on each page of the others. This way, if a user reads your site in German but needs the German one, he can simply click on a hyperlink to get there (and back). It' s simplest if you create a navigational hyperlink that takes you to the other side.

Insert a new page and select the external page linking checkbox. Type a name for this page (like Francais) and type the other page's addressee or underdomain. This example shows that the German part of our website now has a direct hyperlink to therench part.

We would then take the same step with the German language versions to connect them to the Spanish one.

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