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This video shows you how weebly.com can help you create a free website quickly and easily. September 21, 2016. Cofounder and CEO of Weebly David Rusenko. Today Weebly presented a new version of its platform.

The year 2016 at a glance

The year 2016 was a strong, transformative year here at Weebly, and we have even greater planning for 2017. Last year, with Weebly 4 and Weebly Promote, we took things to a new dimension by taking you to a place beyond Website Builders and helping you achieve more with your company and website than ever before.

Celebrating 2016 and creating the conditions for a fantastic 2017, here is a brief overview of our largest publications of the last 12 month. The Weebly 4 - A major move to the Weebly platforms that gives you the best of advanced web designing utilities with section, wallpaper, flexible header, parallel axis and scroll effect, along with the versatility of products and categories items, a new mailing system with real-time dispatch and tariff control utilities, a new taxation system with automated control computer, e-commerce selling enhancement utilities with customized gifts card and given up trolley e-mails, and not forgetting enhanced merchandising with the advanced Web site content manager (SEO).

WEBLY PROMOTE - Complete e-mail merchandising services with a drag-and-drop e-mail builders, automatic and proposed e-mails as well as e-mail lists creation and administration utilities such as smartgroups, merger tag, leader capturing and more. We' ve also developed sophisticated datatools to help you better grasp the effects of e-mail advertising on your company, with real-time e-mail statistics, hopper analysis and popular advertising media such as e-mail as a website, online share, Google fonts integrated, theme line emulsion and more.

Fellowship - Your input and your comments are critical to our continued growth, so in 2016 we really wanted to concentrate on the fellowship. We' ve made tremendous profits with the introduction of the Weebly Communitys, the Ambassador Program, Like a Boss Tour and Website in a Night, with more big communitys activities scheduled for 2017.

Internationally - We formally introduced Weebly in ten new tongues, enhanced our translation capabilities in 14 tongues, and made a significant launches in Latin America and Spain. Remember to include other, smaller features such as Domain Transfers, Structured Products Data, Import/Export and Weebly for android, as well as a variety of monthly enhancements and editor upgrades as part of our commitment to continually update and enhance.

Starting into 2017, we focus on improving the key experiences, better integrating with everything we've developed, and making you even more prosperous. App Center started in 2016! We' ve concentrated on closer meshing with Weebly with App Dashboard Cards and this year some stunning third-party applications have been developed.

Along with a listing of our key features released, we've put together the best 2016 applications to help you increase revenue, win new clients, and enhance your website experience. Which was your favourite features or your favourite 2016 application? What do you want to see of Weebly in 2017?

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